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Bepanah 28 November 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Colors Bepanah 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Bepannaah Written Update

Today’s (28.11.2018) Bepanah (Bepannaah) episode starts with Aditya brngs his mother home and makes her comfortable while she is sleeping, he tellls the house help that he is going for a meeting and to take care of Anjana.

Noor feels bad that she hurt Arjun, he tells her he is fine, they have a moment and iss each other.

Aditya is busy with his meeting while Mili waits for him, she sees him sleeping after the meeting. She puts a shawl over him and wishes to kiss him, he gets a call, she puts the phone on silent and again gives him a flying kiss and leaves.

Next Morning Arjun gets a call fro his house help that his mum fell from the stairs and they had called him many times. Aditya rushes to office, Kunal tells him Anjana is fine, doctor comes and inform Aditya that the intern has agreed to take care of his mum but she has some conditions, Aditya says i will agree to all the conditions as my mum likes this intern. Doctor tells him that the intern said that she will only work from 9 am to 6.30 pm, she will not interact with any maids nor she will interact with him (Aditya). Kunal finds it weird but Aditya agrees. He instraucts his servanst in the house about the conditions.

Zya comes to Aditya’s house and sees all the family pics, she seeks blessings from God in the temple, the sindoor box falls down and she happen to put her feet on it as she walks in the house.

Noor and Arjun spend the night together Noor gets up and recollects her father being hurt with Aditya Hooda and family, she says this has to end now as i can’t hurt my father anymore, she leaves without saying anything to Arjun.

Aditya instructs Mili that after 6.30 he will not stay at work and she has to take care of work after that, she tels him it is & pm, he rushes home, he finds out that new intern (Zoya) has gone, he gets a letter from Zoya where she says our arrangement will work if you follow, next time you will not get a chance. He finds his and Zoya’s room that was locked was opened, he yells at the servant. He wonders how will he follow the weird arrangement for his mum’s sake.

For next few days, Aditya follows the arrangement, his freind Kunal taunys him that he is become like a married man, he says ar you sure this nurse wants to treat your mum or put you to discipline.

Arjun finds out Noor has resigned from work and left a good bye letter for him, he is in tears as she tells him to forget him.

Kunal asks Mili if she has planned anything for Aditya’s birthday, she says no as Aditya is very angry on his birthday. Kunal says i will make of Aditya and tells Mili to go home and make arrangements and wait for him till 7. Mili meets Zoya (zoya does not show her face), she tells her that Zoya can talk to her anytime as she would be getting bored and she (Mili) loves to talk too. She informs Mili about Aditya’s surprise birthday party, Zoya gets uneasy and leaves after putting Anjana to sleep. Mili asks her to wait till party, but Zoya leaves without saying anything, Mili finds it weird.

In the evening Aditya comes home and gets a surprise. Mili welcomes him alog with other guests, Aditya asks who planned this, he yells, Anjana come son wheelchair wishing him happy birthday, he is in teras seeing his mum singing for him, he tells his mum and Mili thanks. Anajna says lets cut the cake now. Aditya is about to cut the cake, Mili says first make a wish, amy be it will come tru, Aditya closes his eyes abd opens it to see Zoya in front of him. Kunal is shocked to see Zoya too. Aditya is upset too.


Aditya tells Zoya don’t you remember i told you that there is nothing left between us. Why are you here then? I am only here because of your mother, he says i will worry for my mother and take care of her, she says how will you take care of her when you can’t even take care of your own self.

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