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Bepanah 29 November 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Colors Bepanah 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Bepannaah Written Update

Today’s (29.11.2018) Bepanah (Bepannaah) episode starts with Aditya is upset to see Zoya. He walks towards her and asks her what is she doing here, she says i had forgotten my phone thats why i have come, Anajna says why are you being rude to her she is my Pari, Aditya recollects doctor words about intern’s condition.

Aditya tells to take Anjana away. remember i had told you there is nothing left between us, then why did you come, what do you want to show, you could never be your parents, what will be you be for anyone else, Zoya tells him to stop talking bad about her as she was never interested to see his face again too, i didn’t want to come here, i am here only for Anjana’s sake.

Aditya tells her that he can take of his mother very well, Zoya tells him how can man who cannot take care of himself, take care of someone else. She leaves.

Noor is at home and in her thoughtss, her mothers comes with a bowl of soup for her and asks her if anything is bothering her, Noor thinks of the might spent with Arjun, her mum says i think you have come back because of some reason, Noor says it was all fine in ranchi, everyone was good and i will remember them, i came back as i was remembering both you and dad, her mum tells her you can still tell me if anything is wrong.

Zoya comes back to her home and recollects how her father had a heart condition after her break up with Aditya and doctor had warned her that any stress to him could lead to heart attack. Flashback (FB) is shown that wasim is sad that he could not be a good father, he is worried about Zoya as it is three months and her life is fallen apart, Zoya takes a decision to move away from her father and go to banglore for psychological course as she knows that he father would be troubled to see her in pain. She tells Noor that her father will feel better when she comes back after having recovered from her tragedy. Six months are done and Zoya tellss her mum that her course is done and she will soon get her internship. Her mum says that her father is happy to see her doing well, Zoya tells her mum that she will come back home after finishing her internship. Zoya’s mentor tells her that she has got internship in India’s best hospital in Mumbai, Zaya asks for another place, he says everyone waits for this opportunity and you don’t want to take it. FB ends.

Zoya gets a call from her mum and check about her internship, she lies that she is in pune for internship. call ends, she feels bad to lie to her mum but she knows it is for their good, Zoya says i have already cried for Aditya, but now, i will not anymore.

Anjana refuses to take food from another nurse, she says i want my Pari back, Aditya tries to convince her, Anjana says, you asked Pari to go, now you have to get her back, he says no, she asks why, he says because i do not trust her, he again says this new nurse is good too. She tells her to please understand, he says i will be back, please have food. update in progress.

At the hospital, a nurses praises Zoya for her work, doctor comes and asks Zoya, if she is sure, she does not want to continue treating Anajna, she says i was doing this for Mrs. Hodda, but her son does not respect other people. Anajan holds herself at aa gun point and tells Aditya that she cannot stay in this hospital, it is very suffocating for her, Aditya says, will be there with you, i will take you out for walk and be there, she says you don’t have time for me, i had Pari with me, but you asked her to go away, zoya comes there and says maa, i will not leave you, please leave the gun, you Pari will be with you, i will take care of you, she takes the gun away from her, Anjana hugs Zoya and tells her not to leave her and go and be there with her all the time. She says Harsh is gone, Arjun also does not come, Aditya is also busy with his work.

Zoya gets Anajna home, she asks her you are upset with Aditya, but he is very good at heart, he will soon find out you are very good too, Zoya says you will never know how much Aditya has hurt me, it can never heal.

Doctor tells Aditya that Anjana is fine now, but take care of her, Aditya tells Zoya, why are you here, to prove that i cannot handle anything, Aditya says my blood boils seeing her, Zoya says your blood bolils beacuse of your own deed, you could not be a good son or a brother, your own mother said so, she says you mum is so unwell, why there is a gun in house, for you you anger and money matter,s what is anything happens, you would have cried and shown you anger, thats it, she says i will take your mum to hospital as she is not good here, he says you will regret it, she says i already regret a lot of things, he stops her and they fall down together, they have a moment, she rushes upstairs to Anjana while Aditya fumes out of house in anger, Kunal tries to stop him. Kunal worries for Aditya as his mood is very bad.

Aditya is driving the car, his conscience talks to him about Zoya and says you were wrong, you should have gone behind Zoya, now why have you left Zoya alone with you mum if you still upset with her. he stops the car while avoiding an accident.

Zoya enetrs her and Aditya’s room and recollects their romantic moments together, she gets emotional seeing a photo frame with their wedding pic and vows. She recolects Aditya blaming her of using her body and ruining everything. She overhears Mili being worried about Aditya as she checks with the staff about Aditya. Mili asks Zoya is she has seen Aditya, Mili says Aditya is missing since last night and asks Zoya to help them if she finds out anything, Mili gets a call from poilce that they have found a body. Zoya is shocked.


Aditya apologizes to Zoya, she says for what all will you apologize, he says i am sorry, i had promised you i will be upset with you, fight with you but i will not leave you, but i broke my promise.

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