Bepanah latest news: Aditya gets blamed for killing Harsh

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In the ongoing episodes of Bepanah (Bepannaah) viewers are witnessing some high voltage drama as Rajvir’s truth has come in front of Hooda Family.

Rajvir is revealed to be Harsh and Pallavi’s son. Everyone gets shocked with this revelation. Hasrh was in love with Pallavi and had decided to divorce Anajana and marry Pallavi. However, Anjana blackmails Harsh over her two ssons and stops Harsh from moving out of the house. Harsh was unaware that Pallavi has a son. And no, after so many years, Rajvir has come to seek revenge from Hooda family. Aditya and his father Harsh have big argument as Harsh accepsts Rajvir as his son and scolds Anajana for her misdeeds. Things get bitter between Aditya and Harsh.

MR Hooda to die

Now, in the coming episodes of Bepanah, we will see that Zoya would be worried about Aditya’s state of mind after his big showdown with his father. Aditya will be missing and everyone will look for him. In a shocking twist, Zoya would find Mr. Hooda stabbed to death lying on the floor while Aditya would be found unconscious sitting on a chair with a knife in his hand.

Looks like Aditya will be blamed for the murder of Mr. Hooda. What will happen next? Who killed Mr. Hooda? Is it Rajvir OR Anjana? How will Zoya save Aditya?

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