Beyhadh 2 latest news: Maya to shoot Rishi

Beyhahd 2 first episode update: Maya shows her psychotic side again

In the first episode of Beyhadh 2 (Behad 2) on Sony TV, we saw that Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) dramatic entry. Maya saves Rishi, son of rich and influential businessman Mrityunjay (Ashish Chowdhury) as he drowns in the sea while immersing Goddess Durga idol. Maya traps Rishi with the ropes to make him fall. She then saves him. Rishi gains consciousness and gets much impressed with Maya. He decides to marry her. Mrityunjay misses to see the girl (Maya) who saved his life. Rishi tells his father that he wants get married to the that girl who saved his life.

Later, we see Rudra (Shivin Narang), Mrityunjay’s other son who seems to be not in good talking term with his father. Rudra enjoys sword fight with his friends when Maya throws a sword at him. They get into a sword fight. Maya attacks him and tells him that he has printed a wrong news about her but he denies it. She warns him and leaves. Rudra finds her to be a psycho.

Rudra finds out about Rishi drowning in the sea and how a pretty girl saved him. Mrityunjay and his wife celebrate their anniversary while Maya’s hatred for Mrityunjay is seen as she stabs on his picture. She wants to destroy his family and has already targeted Rishi. At the same time, Rudra hates Maya and warns his brother Rishi not to fall for her.

Now, in the coming episodes we will see that Mrityunjay finds out that someone is after his son’s lives and wants to find out who. Rishi meets Maya and proposes her. Maya shows her psychotic side again and shoots at him. She tells him that love is such a valley, from which just death can bring out the person. Will Rishi die? or is this Maya’s move to scare Mrityunjay and Rudra? We will have to wait and watch!

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