Beyhadh 2 spoilers: Dia turns to Maya for help, MJ scared as Maya threatens him

Beyhadh 2 latest news: Valentines and Dia’s pregnancy drama next

In the coming episodes of Beyhadh 2 (Behad 2) we will see that Rudra (Shivin Narang) and Maya (Jennifer Winget) have some romantic moments on Valentines day. Maya wants Rudra to fill colours in her life again with his love.

MJ disturbs their romantic moments together. Maya senses his presence around. Rudra asks Maya to kiss him. He gets adamant and holds a burning candle in his hand. Rudra gets hurt as a balloon bursts by the candle. Maya shouts out his name and MJ too come out in front to see his son. He regrets not being cautious and hurting his son. Maya gets uneasy seeing Rudra hurt and tells him that she can die in order to protect him. Rudra is stunned knowing her immense love for him.

Dia is pregnant and decides to inform MJ but he does not attend her call. Maya meets Mj in his office and threatens him. She chokes him and he is much shocked seeing her bold and strong avatar. She warns him that she will not spare anyone who will hurt Rudra.

Later, Maya takes care of Rudra’s wounds and spends time by his side as she takes care of him. MJ sees the wound he gets from Maya when she warned him and realizes that Maya is not Manvi anymore and he has to now he has to get back at her with a big strike in order to break her down.

Mj and Antara get to know of Dia’s pregnancy and ask her to abort the child. Dia refuses. She gets threatened by them. Dia rushes to Maya and Rudra for help. Maya scares MJ again as she tell him that it is time to tell Rudra about their past.

What will happen next? Will Rudra get to know Mj and Maya’s bitter past? We will have to wait and watch!

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