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Beyhadh 2 upcoming: Maya gets scared of MJ as he instills fear in her again

Beyhadh 2 latest news: Big twists in Rudra and Maya’s reception party ahead

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Beyhadh 2 (Behad 2) on Sony TV. It would be seen that Rudra does not want anyone to insult Maya. he does not want to spoil his relations with his father again.

Mj also remains silent as he does not want to lose Rudra while Antara wants him to keep Maya from Rudra at any cost. She asks him to kill Maya. Rudra tells them that they have to break Maya and Rudra’s relationship. He tells Anatara that he will kill Manvi if she has killed his son Rishi.

Maya tells Ananya that she does not want to create problems in Rudra’s life and asks her not confuse him and destroy his happiness.

Ananya and Sudhir get against Maya and Rudra. Maya warns Sudhir of hot harming Rudra which leaves Rudra surprised seeing her bold side. Maya insults Sudhir and hurts him.

Later, Maya meets Mj, Anatra and his evil gang and tells him she loves Rudra a lot. MJ gets to know her weakness when she is unable to face him. He sees fear in her eyes.

Mj tells Antara that Maya will lose to them due of her fears and makes a plan against her. Rudra surprises Maya and performs homecoming rituals for her to welcomes her into his life. He shows lot of trust in her and that she cannot harm anyone. He apologizes to her being blamed and insulted by her family. Maya feels very guilty and thinks that Rudra should not know her truth which would end their love.

Mj calls them and announces a grand reception party for Rudra and Maya’s marriage. Mj pretends to apologize and welcome Maya into the family. Rudra gets moved by his father’s big heart to accept Maya. MJ warns Maya as he warns her that his game has begun now and he will make her life hell now. Maya destroys roses and recollects her revenge plan which was not to stay with MJ under one roof. She knows that she has to fulfill her revenge even if her plans have changed.

MJ assures Antara that she will rule over Maya. He plans to make Maya lose with her fears and make her Manvi again to destroy her. He begins to instill fear in her by reminding her of their bitter past. Maya gets affected with MJ’s dirty games.

Keep reading this space for latest gossips and updates of Beyhadh 2.

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