Beyhadh 2 update: Maya and Rudra to marry in Rishikesh

Beyhadh 2 latest news: Maya and Rudra get married, read more details

The viewers of Sony TV Beyhadh 2 (Behad 2) just witnessed a big twist in the story line as Maya (Jennifer Winget) kills Rishi , MJ’s son and Rudra’s (Shivin Narang) younger brother. She makes it look like a suicide attempt. Maya kills Rishi as her first step to seek revenge for the loss of her own child because of MJ.

Maya wants to now kill Rudra to fulfill her revenge but she is in a dilemma over her feelings for him. Rudra has already fallen in love for Maya while Maya is not ready to accept her love for him as she is focused on her revenge motive.

Now, in the coming episodes of Beyhadh 2, viewers will have to gear up for yet another BIG twist in the story line a Maya and Rudra will get married in Rishikesh.

According to sources, audience will witness Rudra leaving Ananya and running away with Maya. Rudra will also get married to Maya in Rishikesh.

What will happen next? Will MJ be able to stop Maya and Rudra’s marriage?

Well, looks like Maya and Mj’s big face off will only happen after Maya and Rudra’s wedding.

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