Beyhadh 2 update: Rudra shocked to know Dia is pregnant with MJ’s child

Beyhadh 2 latest news: Maya exposes MJ in front of Rudra

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Sony TV’s Beyhadh 2 (Behad 2). It would be seen that Maya warns Mj against hurting Rudra. He asks her not to fake being in love with his son. She tells him that she truly loves Rudra and trust him to support her. Dia comes in between their argument.

MJ meets Dia and asks her to abort the child and tells her that thee is no place for a baby between them. Dia does not agree for abortion. Maya and Rajeev get happy to see their plan work. Dia wants MJ to tell about their affair to Antara as she wants to marry him. MJ warns her to kill the baby, is she does not go for abortion.

Ananya decides to leave the company. Rudra tells her not to as he will always need her. Maya calls him and tells him that she will join work soon as she is missing him. Ananya realizes that Rudra does not need her anymore.

Maya calls Rudra home in ordeer to expose Mj and Dia’s truth and that Dia is pregnant with MJ’s child. Dia asks Mj if he has told the truth to Anatra.

Anatara slaps Dia and asks her to abort the baby. She blames Anatara for snatching MJ from her. Rudra and Maya hear the commotion and go to check outside. Anatara and Dia get into a fight. Mj asks Dia to leave the house and ends his affair with her. They force Dia for abortion. Dia rushes to Maya for help. She asks Rudra to save her from his parents. Rudra gets to know from Dia that she is pregnant with MJ’s child. He gets a big shock as Maya decides to tell him all the truth.

Will Rudra learn about MJ and Maya’s past? We will have to wait and watch!

Reportedly, Dia and MJ would pretend to be against each other in order to trap Maya in their plans.

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