Home TV Beyhadh Written Episode 25th July 2017, Behad Written Update

Beyhadh Written Episode 25th July 2017, Behad Written Update

Sony TV Beyhadh 25 July 2017 Written Update, Behad 25th July 2017 Written Update

Today’s Beyhadh 25th July 2017 episode starts with Samay meets Maya and she gets shocked to see that he is still alive. He tells her that he promised to be with her in life and death and so here he is to save her from her death. Maya gets scared and starts to run away in a Jungle. Samay catches her and tells her that the one she was mad for has betrayed her trust at every point of time. He says that he has loved her with all his heart and she is not ready to come to him.

Meanwhile Arjun says that he is missing one link from the entire picture. Saanjh says that Maya was not alone in this plan, somebody must have helped her execute so many things simultaneously. Arjun and Saanjh decide that they will need to go to the mental Asylum where Maya was admitted for so long. They both feel that there they will find a proof which will lead them to Maya.  They both decide to get admitted in the hospital with a mental disease.

Samay tries to overpower Maya and tells her that it is only him who understands her madness. He says that they now have to become one and be each other’s forever. Maya gets scared and tries to run away and manages to find a dump truck. She gets inside the truck and Samay fails to catch her.

Saanjh and Arjun successfully manage to get inside the mental asylum. Arjun shows the doctor fake file of Saanjh’s multiple personality disorder and the doctors admit her. They go to Maya’s room and the doctor tells them that they can’t stay in this room. He says that this room is cursed because everyone who stays here dies some how. They keep their act on and try to convince the doctor that Arjun also needs to stay with her in this room. The doctor say that rules are rules and they can’t change it for anyone. As the doctor leaves to do some formalities, Arjun says that he can’t leave her here. Saanjh tells him that they have to take revenge from Maya and for that to happen she needs to stay in the hospital. She doesn’t listen to Arjun and keeps insisting that he should leave her to make his plan successful.

Meanwhile Maya falls asleep in the truck but when she wakes up she finds Samay sitting in front of her. He tells Maya that she is not wrapped and there is no way for her to leave


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