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Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 02 December 2016, Big Boss 10 Written Episode

Colors Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 02.12.2016, BB10 02nd Dec 2016 WU

The episode starts with contestants wake up to the Appy Fizz music. Manveer Gurjar tells Gaurav Chopra that he only sees Manu Punjabi as the captain but he (Manu) wants to back down. Lopamudra Raut, Nitibha Kaul and Priyanka Jagga get ready to sizzle in the pool. They ask Priyanka Jagga to take off her mic and come near the pool. She obliges and they push her in the pool. Though they are looking to have some fun, she ends up hurting herself and lashes out at everyone. Priyanka is crying the bathroom and complaining about the pain while Lopa says that they have ruined the entire fun. Lopa and Nitibha go to apologise but she refuses to calm down.

She cries inconsolably as Om Swami comes and scolds Lopa, Nitibha for hurting his daughter. Lopa asks him to not raise his voice. Swami later on cries in the luggage room and Sahil, Manveer come to pacigy him. He accuses Lopa and Nitibha of trying to hurt Priyanka. Lopa and Swami get into an ugly debate as she calls him an idiot. Lopa tells him that she is already feeling bad but Swami cuts her off by saying it won’t heal the injury. Nitibha and Lopa go to apologise Priyanka and Swami enters the bedroom, too, with his comments. Lopa hugs Priyanka and tries to explain that they didn’t intend to hurt her. 

Tired of Swami’s comments, Lopa throws a toilet paper roll at him asking him to shut up. Priyanka requests Lopa and Swami to be quiet and let her eat. Lopa leaves saying that she will talk to her when Swami is not around. In the afternoon, another gong rings and everyone gathers in the living room to discuss. Gaurav empties Manu’s test tube and Swami takes offence to his reasons. Just then Bigg Boss announces that Manveer and Gaurav will compete against each other for captaincy.

Swami and Lopa have yet another conversation when she tells him that if she could, she would slap him instead of throwing tissue rolls at him. Swami. obviously, creates a huge issue about this. Later on, Gaurav and Manu are asked to paint a canvas with two colors- blue and yellow assigned to them respectively. Lopa is asked to be the Sanchalika of the task. The contender covering the maximum canvas with his share of colour will be declared as the captain of the house. The challengers are also allowed to be a part of this task.

Manveer and Gaurav are asked to make sure that they don’t end up getting into a brawl. They are allowed to paint on each other’s colours and Manveer snatches Gaurav’s brush. They start painting on each other’s canvas turning the blue and yellow canvas to a green one. Manveer slips on the paint and falls injuring his head. His head starts bleeding and they take him to the confession room, where help is already there with the first aid kit. Mona Lisa starts crying inconsolably because of Manveer’s injury.

Bigg Boss announces that the task will be stopped because of Manveer’s injury and asks Lopa to announce the winners of the task. Manveer asks Lopa to declare Gaurav as the winner of the task as everyone around Manveer is crying. Gaurav becomes the new captain of the house. Manu and Manveer laugh about the task later on as Manveer apologises for losing the task. They are both crying and laughing. Mona Lisa and Priyanka also sit next to them crying.

Later on, Lopa, Priyanka and Manu are crying as they are all hurt because of Manveer’s injury. They also discuss about how Gaurav didn’t even bother to check on Manveer when he hurt his head. After some time, Gaurav tells Manveer that he didn’t want to win like this and justifies why he didn’t check on Manveer when he fell. Bigg Boss announces that they will have only 400 luxury budget points, courtesy contestants not following any rules. Lopa decides to speak to Gaurav about his behaviour during the task .


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