Home TV Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 07 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 07 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Colors Big Boss 10 Written Episode 07.12.2016, Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 07th December

The episode starts with contestants wake up to the tunes of ‘Chakke Mein Chakka, Chakke Pe Gaadi’. Complaining about Rohan Mehra and Sahil Anand, Mona Lisa tells Priyanka Jagga that they broke a rule by running outside the bedroom after the task re-commenced. When Rohan refuses to pay up, Priyanka gets annoyed and spits at him. Taken aback by Priyanka’s behaviour, Rahul Dev and Lopamudra Raut tell her to behave herself. Not appreciating Lopa’s interference, Priyanka asks her to pay the fine. But Lopa tells her that all her points have been stolen. Gaurav Chopra interferes and supports Priyanka, which angers the other contestants.

Lopa and Gaurav get into a verbal disagreement. Nitibha Kaul gets emotional and complains about Mona Lisa to Manveer Gurjar with Om Swami’s rants in the background. Bani gets upset with Gaurav as he refuses to pay her the amount that she asks for, even walking away when he tries to explain himself. Gaurav then talks to Jason Shah about Bani’s behaviour. Meanwhile, Lopa hides her coins in a cushion. Bani is crying in a corner and gets sympathy from everyone, including Lopa. They don’t go near her but motivate her with words. Priyanka confronts Bani, who says that she doesn’t care about Gaurav’s friendship anymore. Gaurav is busy bitching about Bani with Jason, who is just agreeing to everything that Gaurav is saying. 

In the afternoon, Priyanka demands fine from Nitibha and Bani as Bani gets irritated and says that she is not playing the game anymore. Gaurav also talks to Mona Lisa about Bani’s behaviour. Gaurav keeps all his money next to Bani on the kitchen table and walks away. Mona Lisa and Gaurav whisper about Bani in the kitchen when Bani is cooking for herself. Mona Lisa starts singing Main Tenu Samjhawan for some reason. Gaurav then asks Bani to take all his money and Bani walks out, which irritates Gaurav.

Bani tells Jason and Nitibha how she was the only one who stood by Gaurav during the captaincy task. Unable to fathom that Lopa has lost all her points, Priyanka starts interrogating Lopa, even warning her that she will give her a tough time if it’s revealed that she has hidden it. Changing the game altogether, Gaurav helps Priyanka by telling her about the spot where Lopa has hidden her points. Rohan and Lopa complain about Gaurav to Rahul. Priyanka and Lopa get into a fight when she asks for her points back. Annoyed with Gaurav, Lopa lashes out at him. Priyanka tells Lopa that she wants her to go to jail but she refuses to go. Bani talks to Rahul, Rohan and Lopa about how to save the situation. Even Rahul gets upset with Gaurav and blames him for giving too much power to Priyanka.

Later, Bigg Boss checks with contestants who have maximum points. Between Priyanka, Manveer and Bani J, Priyanka has max points and she becomes the contender for Captaincy. From the remaining contestants, Gaurav, Lopamudra and Sahil Anand will fight it out for captaincy with Priyanka Jagga.



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