Home TV Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 08 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 08 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Colors Big Boss 10 Written Update 08.12.2016, BB10 08th Dec Written Episode

The episode starts with the contestants wake up to the music of Yeh Public Hai song. Om Swami and Rohan Mehra begin the day by getting into an argument on the breakfast table.  Lopamudra Raut comes in defense of Rohan, and urges Om to lower his voice or go and sit somewhere else. Rohan, eventually, gets up and walk away. Swami loses his cool listening to Rohan’s reply and starts saying mean things. The other contestants get irritated and Lopamudra Raut asks him shut up and let them eat.

Obviously, Swami goes on a rant on being treated badly in the house and chooses to create a scene rather than shutting up. Rohan also starts giving it back to him and it leads to a loud verbal argument. Priyanka interferes and asks Rohan to mind his language. Gaurav Chopra is asked to name two contestants to send to the jail. He names Om Swami for peeing in front of the contestants. Swami doesn’t take it lightly and starts screaming, calling Gaurav ‘Bhasmasur’. Everyone in the house starts laughing and Priyanka, Bani request him to let Gaurav name the two contestants and then he can scream all he wants. Gaurav takes Lopa’s name, his reason being that she is a liar.

Lopa gives her reasons and tells Priyanka that if it wasn’t for Gaurav, Priyanka wouldn’t have had the chance to even compete for captaincy. Bigg Boss asks Gaurav to lock the two contestants in jail. Swami keeps yelling ‘Gaurav gaddar hai’. Lopa accuses Gaurav of being insecure of her and hence, deciding to lock her in the jail. Lopa and Swami bicker over which bed to sleep on and Lopa refuses to go to jail. She asks Gaurav to intervene and he asks her to sort it out with Swami.

Lopa gets into a verbal battle with Priyanka, who accuses her of playing mind games. In the end, Lopa gets inside the jail as Swami yells ‘Gaddaar Murdabad’. LOL! Swami justifies his behaviour saying that the public wants him to be like that. Lopa pats on his bed and he calls her ugly. The housemates try to pacify things but Swami and Lopa are busy threatening each other. Bigg Boss then announces that a press conference will be held now demanding some answers from Gaurav and the nominated contestants.

Lopa opens up about her relationship with Bani and says that she tried her best to put her problems aside. When Bani was asked about the similarity between hers and Lopa’s friendship to Tanishaa and Gauahar, Lopa again interrupted her and that was the last straw for Bani. She could not take it anymore, and stormed out saying she doesn’t want to answer any questions. Before Lopa interrupted her, Bani said that unlike her Gauahar has a golden heart and hence, won’t tolerate any shit. So, her actions speak much louder than her words. She is indeed not in the house to be used as a doormat.

Bani continued the display of anger even after entering the house’s main area. She kept screaming at Lopa after entering the house again. Manveer and Sahil try to calm her down. Lopa and Swami bitch about Bani in the jail. Bani comes to garden area and yells at Lopa. Manveer, Nitibha and Mona Lisa discuss about the incident with each other as Rohan tells Lopa that she shouldn’t have interrupted Bani a lot. Later on, Swami hits on Mona Lisa calling her very beautiful and declares that he is going to win the show. Rohan and Mona Lisa makes fun of Swami as Lopa laughs on.

Mona Lisa tells Manveer that she saw Bani cuddle with Jason and complains that if it was her (Mona Lisa), it would’ve been a huge issue.

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