Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 11 January 2017 BB10 Written Update

Colors TV Big Boss 10 Written Episode 11.01.2017 – Bigg Boss 10 Written Update WU

Bigg Boss 10 episode (11th January 2017) starts with after completing the first round of the solar system task, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Jhumka Gira Re’. The contestants begin the task. And Bani J soon loses. And it was not her mistake. Manu gave Bani J a small push which makes her lose her balance. Bani gets furious and yells at Manu for his brash behavior. Manu tells her that it was completely her mistake and they were only playing a fair game. Saddened by the outcome, Bani throws away the bowl and like always, walks away from the orbit. Rohan further announces Manu and Manveer as the final contenders of the ticket to finale week task. Unable to overcome her failure, Bani whines about Manu and Manveer’s wrongness to Nitibha and cries her eyes out.

The gift for winning the task comes as a surprise as Manu and Manveer are given a chance to step out of the house and interact with their fans. OMG! So cool!

The two contestants are taken to a mall in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The two of them are placed inside separate cages. The turnout of fans is oustanding there. We can see on screen that these contestants are madly loved by India. The crowd is huge. The fans have to cast vote for their favourite contestant amongst the two, and the one with the most votes wins the ticket to finale.

Meanwhile, contestants inside the house are asked to seperate daal and chawal since they are so lethergic. This is kind of a punishment for Lopamudra Raut, Rohan Mehra, Bani J and Mona Lisa.

Manveer takes off his kurta at the mall, and fans love it. People are going crazy for him. A girl even asks for a kiss from Manveer Gurjar.

Amidst the fan frenzy Manveer and Manu exit the mall, and re-enter the house.

They narrate everything to the housemates, and everyone is happily surprised to know about the effect they have out there on contestants.

Manveer wins by a huge margin, after the votes are counted.  

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