Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 13 January 2017 BB10 Written Update

Colors Big Boss 10 Written Episode 13th January 2017 Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 

Bigg Boss 10 episode (13.01.2017) episode starts with contestants wake up to the song What is Your Mobile Number!

The call center task continues. Manu Punjabi calls Bani J. He tries to infuriate Bani but fails. Bani deals with all the words comfortably.

After Manu comes Lopamudra Raut, who brings up the topic of Bani not standing up for her. She also reminds Bani of the incident when she stood up for her when Om made insensitive remarks about remarks about Bani’s mother. Bani warns Lopamudra that she should not talk about her mother.

Bani continues with the task, but as soon as the task is over, she goes up to Lopa and tries to hit her. She holds her tightly. The two of them get violent with each other. After Bigg Boss’ intervention the fight comes to an end. Lopa is called inside the confession room for first aid.

Meanwhile, Bani calls out other contestants for inciting Lopa to say all this. Manu and Nitibha say that this was not their idea. Lopa comes back and starts shouting again. She and Bani get into an argument again.  

Bani says Gandi soch, ganda dil, gandi zubaan. Lopa calls out other contestants for not standing up for her. Rohan tries to make Lopa understand that it was her mistake and what she was saying was not sounding right.

Nitibha and Bani bitch about Lopa. Manu, Manveer, Mona Lisa bitch about Bani. Manu says that he doesn’t understand half the words Lopa and Bani were saying.

Lopamudra says that Bani knows how to handle reality shows as she has participated in many. She says that she controlled herself from punching Bani J. 

Bigg Boss calls everyone and strongly condemns the fight between the two ladies. And also announces that the weekly task has been cancelled. Contestants lash out at Lopamudra after she passes a remark again. Manveer is especially pissed off at Lopamudra. 

At night, Bani calls Manveer to sit with her and Nitibha. Manveer says that she will again accuse of him being on both sides. They trio laughs. Bani apologises to housemates


Bani and Manu tease Nitibha and Manveer over their proximity

Nitibha tells Manveer that she was getting affected because of the feelings she had for him, and wants him to care about her as much she cares about him.


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