Home TV Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 16 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 16 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Colors Big Boss 10 Written Episode 16.12.2016, Bigg Boss 10 16th December Written Update WU

The episode starts with Bani J and Manveer gurjar bitch about Lopamudra Raut. They talk about how she used aggressive ways to win the captaincy task, and then accused them of being unfair. Bani and Manveer seem to connect with each other finally. They remember how they couldn’t even talk face to face during initial days.

Bani J and Gaurav Chopra are talking, and Bani says that she wants to go from the house now. Gaurav says that is she goes he won’t feel like staying in the house either.

Lopamudra Raut is given the first task as a captain by Bigg Boss. She has to choose 5 worst performers of the week. Lopamudra first picks as Om Swami as because of him the housemates lost the luxury budget task. Om argues that Rahul Dev was equally responsible for that. Lopa’s second name is Priyanka Jagga, and cites her constant rudeness as her reason. Lopa’s third nomination is Gaurav Chopra as because of him she lost a task. Then she picks Bani J, and cites that because of her own mistake she got hurt during the captaincy task, and then accused Lopa of hurting her. Lopa’s final name is Nitibha Kaul, as she would understand why she is being nominated without questioning.

Priyanka Jagga argues that she is being unfair as she was merely doing her duty in the task, and hence was not rude. She call Lopamudra Raut an unfair woman. 


Priyanka then calls Lopamudra, “Tum make-up ki dukan ho, feeka pakwan ho!” A heated argument ensues between the two. Rohan Mehra speaks in defense of Lopamudra Raut.

Lopamudra Raut shouts that they won’t even let girls Priyanka Jagga stand in the audition queue while she has represented India on international level.

The contest between the five contestants picked by Lopa begins. Bigg Boss gives the contestant a chance to turn their punishment into a prize. Five boxes are kept in the garden area, which will shoot out a gift at an unspecified time. Whoever is able to catch the gift, will get the prize and not the punishment.

First box shoots out a gift for Nitibha which she is able to catch. The gift is that she will get to read a letter from her mother. Nitibha gets emotional reading her mother’s letter and tells that it’s her mother’s birthday. Bani J and Om Swami fail to catch their gifts. While Gaurav Chopra succeeds – and gets a dinner date with Bani J. Priyanka Jagga also fails to catch her gift as well. Bani J’s potential gift was a video message from her mother.

Now, out of the three – Bani, Om, Priyanka – two have to be sent to the Bigg Boss jail, and one would have to carry  “Lopamudra I am sorry” placard and follow Lopa around the entire day. Lopa decides that Om and Bani would go to jail. Bani refuses to go in jail with Om Swami, as he cursed her mother, and is scared things might spiral down if they are in closed space together. Priyanka Jagga also refuses to go to jail, and also refuses to pick the placard.

Eventually, Priyanka argues that Lopa should pick Om to hold the placard and Bani and Priyanka go to jail. Lopa says that she is uncomfortable with Om constantly around him. Priyanka goes and tells the guys that Lopa is unformatable with the way Om looks at him.

Om Swami, shouts that he has never looked at any woman in the house, in a bad way.

After Bigg Boss’ interference, Priyanka and Om agree to enter the house. And Bani J holds the placard. Om Swami tells contestants that until and unless Lopa apologises to him, he won’t eat food.

Lopamudra Raut cries at night and says that no one is appreciating the hard work she put in to win the captaincy.




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