Home TV Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 27 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 27 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Colors Big Boss 10 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Bigg Boss 10 Written Update WU

Bigg Boss 10 episode (27.12.2016) starts with the contestants wake up to the song Ye Mausam Ka Jadoo Hai Mitwa. Manveer Gurjar and Om Swami get into an argument after which Swami asks Gaurav Chopra to make Bani J forgive him. He tells them how much he cries because of her hatred. Rohan Mehra enlightens Bani on what Swami told Gaurav. After constantly failing in the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss gives the contestants another chance to bag the luxury budget. In keeping with the winter season, Bigg Boss introduces the new luxury budget task Toofan which will also impact captaincy. The house is turned into a snow clad region with a huge igloo placed in the garden area.

The housemates are required to dress up as Kashmiris in Phiran and build or repair the igloo with the help of the equipment provided. Time and again, a snow storm will hit the house when the contestants are required to take shelter in the igloo and the last contestant to enter will be disqualified from the task and captaincy. Even before the task begins, Swami Om warns the contestants that he will go to any extent to secure a spot for captaincy. He also adds that he doesn’t want to be a king but a kingmaker. As the first storm hits the house, Mona becomes the first one to be disqualified and starts crying over it.

Manveer tries to cheer Mona Lisa up. As the day progresses, Swami Om claims a seat near igloo and blocks the entrance for the contestants. In an attempt to stop Gaurav from entering the igloo, Swami Om makes few personal comments targeting him that leads to an argument between them. Meanwhile, Nitibha keeps putting fake snow on Swami’s head. Tired of Swami Om’s actions, housemates plan to lock him inside the jail but Lopa dismisses the decision. Manu Punjabi even warns Swami that he might get hurt. Swami starts his Indiawale v/s Celebs taunts again and Gaurav fumes over his comments. They get into a heated argument.

Bigg Boss calls Lopa in the confession room and tells her that no one can be inside the igloo unless there is a storm. He asks her to make a mark with a tape so people maintain their distance from the igloo. Swami refuses to get up at first but then obliges. As the second storm hits the house, the contestants rush to hide inside but end up hitting each other. Though Bani is the first one to enter the igloo, Lopa blames her for pushing and hurting her. When Bani retaliates, Lopa asks her to stop using roadside language with her and does not accept any justification. Rohan and Manveer ask Lopa to calm down as it’s the nature of the task because of which everyone is getting hurt or bruised.

Swami mocks Bani when she warns him to never take her name. He loses his cool over being asked to shut up. Swami decides to pee outside the igloo again disgusting the other contestants. Irritated with Swami’s behaviour, Manveer pushes him and throws his stool away. The other contestants support Manveer and taunt Swami.  

Tired of waiting for the buzzer, the contestants decide to go to the bathroom but Lopa and some contestants decide to stay back. Rohan and Lopa get into a heated argument with Manveer. Rohan loses his cool at Manveer as Manu plays the peacemaker.

The third buzzer goes off and the contestants rush to get inside the igloo. Nitibha gets disqualified next. Manveer gets mad at Swami for giving Swami a hi5 after he fought with Rohan for him. Swami tries to start a fight between Rohan and Manu. Manveer taunts Manu for being so forgiving with Swami. Manu picks a stool and decides to cheat. Manu, Manveer, Bani and everyone surround Swami to make sure that one the buzzer goes off, Manu can stop Swami from rushing inside. Lopa tries to cool things down but in vain. Suddenly the housemates start singing Happy Birthday to Manu


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