Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 30 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Colors Big Boss 10 Written Episode 30th December 2016, Bigg Boss 10 Written Update WU

Bigg Boss 10 episode (30.12.2016) episode starts with Rohan Mehra is still upset about being nominated for the whole season as a punishment for hitting Swami Om. He locks himself inside the bathroom, and disposes his microphone.

Even after a warning from Bigg Boss, Rohan refuses to come out. Bigg Boss gives Rohan a a last chance to rethink his decision of leaving the show.

Bigg Boss announces that he not only would have to pay a huge amount as according to their contract but will also lose his image, if he was approached for another show.

Rohan comes out of the bathroom after insistence from Nitibha Kaul and Lopamudra Raut and Gaurav Chopra.

Rohan is still upset, and is sticking to her decision of leaving the show. He says that Bigg Boss is being biased towards commoners. While Lopa and Rohan are having a discussion, Om Swami keeps butting in. Lopa loses her cool, and asks Om to stay out of it. Om lashes back at Lopa and says “kaisi ladki hai”. Lopa gets infuriated further and a heated argument ensues between them. Seeing his friend in trouble, Rohan lashes out at Om again. He threatens that he will quit the show but not before hitting him, real hard.

As his first aptaincy decision Bigg Boss asks Manveer to pick the two worst performers of the week. Manveer picks Om Swami and Gaurav Chopra. Om argues back that Manveer is scared of Rohan and hence he is picking his name.

A new task will turn the house upside down. There will be a mock court inside the house. Manu will represent Om Swami and Rohan Mehra will represent Gaurav Chopra. In the end whichever side is able to prove their party innocent will win a prize. Initially Rohan is losing the argument, as Swami Om shows his wounds. Manveer, who is the judge of the case, looks clearly biased towards Om Swami. Lopa’s argument  is also shut down by Manveer. Gaurav is called to the stands, and is asked to narrate his time table.

Finally Bani J is called to the stands. Finally a good argument comes in favour of Gaurav. Manu asks Bani that how did she feel when Om made an insensitive remark about her mother. The argument ends with the statement that Bani was wrong to push him after the argument. Bani says that is “swami ke roop me koi gadha aa jata hai to reaction yehi milega”

Manu shouts that she was sleeping when things were being said about his mother. Bani is super furious, at the remark. Bani goes to the bathroom and starts speaking to the camera. She apologises to her mother that she had to hear it again. She also raises question that why would Manu bring something so insensitive in a mock court, a mere task. Seriously, Manu what is wrong with you?

Manveer calls the case in favour of Om Swami.

In the kitchen Rohan lashes out that he would have never defended someone like Om. Manu asks Bani if she is fighting for “footage”. Bani walks out crying.

Nitibha tries to make Manveer understand that his decision was wrong.

Manu and Manveer ask Om to go to the jail to show he can be a graceful loser. Om refuses. Manu says that now he has not kept his part of the deal, now he would not talk to him ever.

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