Home TV Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 25 October 2016, BB10 Written Episode

Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 25 October 2016, BB10 Written Episode

Colors Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 25.10.2016,  Bigg Boss Season 10 Written Update WU

Big Boss season 10 episode 9 starts with a scuffle amongst the commoners wherein Manveer Gujjar lashes out at Om Swami for saying something about Priyanka. Navin joins Manveer and loses his cool on Om Swami too.

Cut to next morning,  waking up to the song It happens only in India, the housemates sensed that something unusual is in store for them today. Rohan questioned Akansha and Lokesh if they have taken anyone’s permission before using the bathroom before them.  Akansha said that they don’t need to take permission from the maaliks to brush their teeth but for other morning chores.  Rohan turned to Karan for validation and he agreed with Akansha’s point.

Soon after, Bigg Boss introduced the luxury budget task for the week BB Laundry wherein both the teams were assigned the task to wash, clean and iron clothes made available at the conveyor belt. Each team (celebrities in blue and commoners in orange) had to complete a consignment of 35 clothes by the end of the task after a thorough quality check. Rohan and Nitibha were given the responsibility to inspect clothes of the opposition team and put dirty clothes in the reject bin. Bigg Boss also informed that apart from it being a luxury budget task, the results will have direct implications on satta parivartan and upcoming nominations.

On hearing the siren, the housemates begun the task and soon got at each other’s throats. Rahul Dev and Manoj started snatching clothes from each other to secure a larger share for their respective teams. Rohan, as the inspector, instructed the orange team on how they should wash the clothes. Manveer lost his cool and asked Rohan to do his job and not interfere in their matter.

Adding some hilarity to the serious environment, Manoj and Manveer were seen poking fun at Om Swami after he told them that he is going to make a biopic on his life. Swami added  that the budget for the movie is Rs 100 crores and it will also have Hollywood actors starring in it. Manveer expressed his wish to play younger Swamiji’s role while Lokesh said that she would like to dance in the movie. Haha, such funny, much amused.

Rohan asked Nitibha to cook something for him as he was hungry, but Nitibha flatly refused. Rohan reminded her that the celebs are maaliks and hence can’t cook. However, Nitibha instigated an argument saying the Luxury budget task is on and hence the celebs can do their own work themselves. Shocked at hearing this, Lopamudra intervened saying when the celebrities were sevaks, Lopa and Bani had cooked for everyone even during the luxury budget task. However, Nitibha didn’t budge and continued to tell Rohan to cook for himself.

Bigg Boss then summoned everyone in the living area and informed them that they performed very poorly in the task.

Mona Lisa then lashed out at her co-celebrity contestants for passing a comment on her. This is the first time we saw her losing her temper on the show. 

Mona Lisa and Manu, who are getting attention for their closeness continued to flirt with each other late in the night time where Manu asked the Bigg Boss to keep the cameras away as he was requesting Monalisa to drink milk from his cup. 



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