Home TV Bigg Boss 11 06 January 2018 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Bigg Boss 11 06 January 2018 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 06th January 2018 Written Update, BB 11 Written Episode, Big Boss 11 06 Jan 2018 Written Update

Today’s (06.01.2018) Bigg Boss 11 episode starts with Salman Khan telling viewers that housemates went to a mall in Vashi and now someone will be eliminated. It is a funny day as housemates have been told to change personalities. Luv Tyagi has become Puneesh Sharma while Shilpa Shinde is Hina Khan. The housemates wake up to the tunes of Dreamum Wakeupum. Later, we see Rani Mukerji walking in. She gives a task to Puneesh Sharma who has become Luv Tyagi. He says Hina Khan and I used to be great friends but now things have changed as we have reached near the finale. As Luv, Puneesh says he is obsessed with shaving his head.

Hina Khan is Shilpa. She asks Rani if she wants to eat anything. When the actress asks her about her game plan, she says I will cook something for you. Rani asks if cooking is your game plan? As Shilpa, Hina says yes. Shilpa comes in as Hina and gets a compliment from Rani Mukerji who compares her to Manisha Koirala. She says she is perfect poking fun at Hina. However, the best is Vikas Gupta who comes in as Akash Dadlani. He does a superb impersonation of Akash and Rani says you can easily become an actor post the show.

Luv comes in as Puneesh and says he is the most entertaining commoner as he made a girlfriend inside the house, fought with people and created ruckus with own brother, Akash. Rani compliments Vikas as the best performer. The actress later asks the members which statement made by a housemate gave them a Hichki. Akash says it is Shilpa who treated us as a friend first but now differentiates against us. Shilpa says the biggest flip is Akash who backbites. Vikas Gupta says I got a Hichki when I saw Shilpa Shinde encouraging Akash Dadlani – Puneesh Sharma to do dirty talk.

Later, Vikas and Hina discuss that Shilpa is quite stereotyped about what she feels is a girl’s role and boy’s role. Hina says this is why she is always in the kitchen and does not compete in the tasks. Vikas says she does not have the concept of equality. Salman comes and talks about the box. They say they are nervous about it. Later, Akash gets ragged by Salman for his behaviour. Shilpa says Akash calls himself the Best Entertainer inside the house. Akash says every celeb also feels so. Salman laughs hearing that.

Later, Salman asks the celebs how did they let Akash and Puneesh take the first and second place at the nomination task. Vikas says we failed while Shilpa says we were expecting Puneesh-Akash to be more honest. Puneesh says it is finale week and we have to play for ourselves. He says I cannot fight with Akash. Salman scolds the contestants for not fighting for their place and letting them be safe. Puneesh says Vikas Gupta is not the show, we are all contestants.

Salman sends Puneesh to the storeroom and asks him to get the placards. He tells Vikas to rank the contestants as per his choice. He places Shilpa first followed by Hina and him, Akash is at the fourth place followed by Luv and Puneesh. Then, Shilpa comes and says he sees Vikas at top spot followed by Shilpa and Hina. Puneesh says he sees himself at top spot. Shilpa tells Puneesh that Akash’s behaviour is bad and fans told her at the mall that he would get beaten up.

Rani Mukerji comes on stage and says she had a great time with the contestants. She asks Salman about his Hichki about marriage. She said they know about my film, Hichki. Salman calls her one of the most talented girls in the industry and says she is a fabulous dancer. They shake a leg on Chandi Ki Daal Par Sone Ka Mor. They also dance on Mere Sapno Ka Raja/ Hata Saawan Ki Ghata.

Salman says I stammer while talking to my dad. He says it is fear ki Hichki. Rani says I want Salman’s babies now desperately. She says she has no interest in his marriage. Rani does a classroom test with Bhai. He aces it and she leaves the show. Later, he says now we will see who gets evicted from the show. He says the box will be opened tomorrow and we will know who is eliminated from the show.

The housemates are called for a honesty and splash task where Shilpa goes in first. She is asked a few statements and told to say if she said them. She agrees and is totally drenched. The next person is Puneesh who says he feels he is a bigger star than Vikas Gupta. Hina Khan goes in next. She accepts that she said that Shilpa is somewhat unhygienic. All of them get covered in slimy liquid. Next is Vikas. Salman asks him if he feels Shilpa is a liar. He says no. He is asked if Hina is setting things right. He says no feels Hina does not care. At the end of the task, Shilpa and Hina are adjudged as winners of the task. They get goodies from Nicklelodeon.


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