Home TV Bigg Boss 11 09 December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Bigg Boss 11 09 December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 09th December 2017 Written Update, BB 11 Written Episode

Today’s (09.12.2017) Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode starts with Salman Khan entering the stage with a late Shashi Kapoor song. Bhai pays tribute to the legendary actor and says that the show must go on. Salman gives a highlight of this week on Bigg Boss. Gauri cries and hugs Hiten. Both of them get emotional and cry on seeing each other. Gauri scolds him for not eating right and not working out. She kisses him on the cheek and smiles at him. She tells him that she couldn’t get the kids since she wasn’t allowed to.

She assures him that he is playing the game properly and he doesn’t have to change to stay strong in the game. She then heads to meet everyone else. She thanks Vikas Gupta for being there for Hiten and tells him he is playing the game really well. She also hugs Arshi Khan and tells her that she has no problem with Arshi’s flirtatious behaviour towards Hiten. She moves on to Hiten and confronts her on what she told about Hiten during a task. She tells Hina that Gauri’s message was personally or him and not for everyone else to use at him. She also asks Akash Dadlani to be like he used to be. 

Bigg Boss then asks Gauri to leave and she hugs Hiten once again before leaving. Sadly, Hiten doesn’t get to hug her back or talk to her since Bigg Boss asks them to freeze. But he runs to the door and says that he really wanted to hug her. Hiten then breaks down and everyone in the house come to console him. He even apologises to Hina for what Gauri tells her and Hina says that she did not feel bad at all. Hina says it was quite weird that Gauri did not meet everyone and just met a couple of people.

Hina calls Gauri childish and bitches about her with Arshi Khan, Priyank Sharma and Vikas. She says that Gauri not meeting everyone else was humiliating for them. But she also agrees that she shoudn’t have quoted Gauri during the task. Vikas tells everyone that Gauri only spoke to people who stood up for Hiten in the house. Salman then announces that they have a special surprise for Hiten in the house.

Salman then talks to everyone in the house and laughs while talking names of this week’s nominations. He also adds that he loved to see Puneesh and Luv Tyagi’s bonding with their fathers. Salman also announces that it is his mother’s birthday today when Puneesh says that it’s father’s birthday today. He also says that he found Shilpa Shinde’s mother really sweet. He tells her that she has emerged as one of the most respectable contestants.

He then mocks Hina for her break down on not being able to give Rocky Jaiswal a gift. Bhai also asks Hina to sing Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan and she sings beautifully. Salman tells her that the only reason Rocky motivated her to stay in the show till the end so he gets a few more weeks without her. Everyone starts laughing. Salman then moves to Priyank and we already told you what happened there. Salman literally sits down to make fun of Priyank and laugh.

Priyank getting trolled is the best thing in the episode so far. And Bhai takes off the jacket again. Now comes Arshi Khan’s turn. He congratulates Arshi on her ‘Khairaat ki captaincy‘. He tells her that her attitude changed immediately as soon as she became the captain. Bhai then gets serious and shuts Arshi up with all the accusations she made on Shilpa. Salman then asks her if she ever made an effort to complete even one task in the house. He mocks Vikas for his choice of a captain.

He tells Arshi that the only reason Shilpa moved her eyes when Arshi’s father came was because he mistook her for Hina and she was trying to tell him that she is not Hina. Arshi tries to justify what she saw but Salman clearly tells her that she is wrong. He tells her she is looking very foolish and cruel on television, even fans are disappointed with her. Salman then reminds her of her behaviour with Shilpa’s mother. 

Arshi then accuses Salman of favouring Shilpa more despite contestants trying to shut her up. Salman gives it back to her by saying that she is just digging her own grave. Shilpa gets emotional and cries while Salman is trying to explain things to her. He holds Vikas responsible for making such a person a captain. Vikas also gives an explanation on why he chose to make her the captain.

Salman leaves them for a while and Vikas scolds Arshi for her behaviour. He tells her how she has only been doing the opposite of what he tells her. Hina and Luv also interfere turning into a bigger fight. Karan Patel enters the house giving the contestants a piece of his mind as they are asked to freeze. He praises Vikas and Shilpa for working on their relationship. He then moves on to Hina and tells her what a hypocrite she is. He tells her that her favourite line is ‘Yeh Maine Kab Kaha’. He reminds her that billions of people are watching her so she needs to watch what she says. He also tells her off for being upset with Priyank because he called her insecure. He asks her to keep her ego aside if friendship matters to her.

He then taunts Arshi for changing her behaviour and asks her to be grateful towards someone who cooks for her. He also forbids Akash from walking shirtless. Contestants are asked to move after Karan leaves and some of them rush outside to hug him but too late. Arshi calls Karan a tharki, for some reason. Shilpa is seen sitting away from everyone getting emotional. Luv sits by her and talks to her as she talks about motherhood.

After Karan, Rohan Mehra enters the house. He asks Priyank to stop backbiting Hina. He also tells Arshi that she should have not behaved so disrespectfully with Shilpa’s mother. He then tells Hina that she must handle fights gracefully and that everything she does is being talked about outside the house. Hina tells Arshi that maybe she is coming across as a bad person outside. Arshi defends herself saying she is who she is and that you look like a good person only when you walk around worshiping Shilpa.

Hina says that Arshi can either be friends with Shilpa or avoid her altogether. And now enter Karishma Tanna, she greets everyone. She tells Hiten that she misses him a lot. She praises Vikas for being a mastermind and says she loves him on the show. She tells Akash that he is confused now and she prefers the earlier Akash. She tells Hina that she is very stylish and presentable on the show. She also adds that she sees herself in Hina for being so competitive and aggressive. She advises her to practice what she preaches.

Rohan, Karan and Karishma then join Salman on stage and asks them to sit in a corner. Salman then talks to the contestants asking them about what the three celebs told them. He mocks the contestants for not being able to say anything to them. Salman then invites the panelists on screen. He then asks Hina to say whatever she wants to to Karan. She justifies herself and challenges Karan to stay in the house. They argue and Karan tells her off for being two-faced.

Salman then says that fans are also of the same opinion as Karan outside. Hina refuses to accept that she is insecure. Hina challenges Karan to participate in the next season and then she will see how he reacts. Salman cleverly changes the topic and ends the segment. Now is the time for Hiten’s surprise in the house. Hiten meets his kids and hugs them. Gauri also comes back in the house as Hiten gives them a tour of the house. Hiten thanks Salman and the show for this. Salman concludes the episode by asking everyone to not trouble their mother because it’s his mother’s birthday.

Inside the house, Gauri gives Hiten some advice on taking a stand and she motivates him. Hina interferes and clarifies to Gauri, who looks a little awkwardly at her but tells her that it’s fine. Gauri leaves with the kids and bids farewell to everyone. Contestants cheer for Hiten who has a 440 volt smile on his face.

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