Home TV Bigg Boss 11 14 December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Bigg Boss 11 14 December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 14th December 2017 Written Episode, BB 11 Written Episode, Bigg Boss 11 Written Update

Today’s (14.12.2017) Bigg Boss 11 (BB11) episode starts with Vikas Gupta telling Hiten Tejwani that Priyank Sharma crossed the line during the task. He wore a bikini and called him “guchipu”, which is something Vikas and his mother call each other. He tells Hiten that Priyank knows about it and he expected me to laugh, but it was not funny. Priyank on the other hand tells Arshi Khan that he knows that he hurts Vikas a lot, but it’s because of him he is here. He has done things for him what parents do. Arshi goes up to Vikas and tells him that Priyank told her how he loves him. Vikas further gets angry and tells Arshi that all this is his drama and it was not right to make fun of his mom and his nicknames after wearing a bikini. He adds that Priyank only knows to use people.

Vikas walks out and goes up to Priyank and starts yelling at him. The argument continues and Hiten tells Vikas that Priyank apologised to everyone, but Vikas tells him that he never said sorry to him. Priyank comes and joins his hands and apologises to Vikas, but the latter is adamant and he doesn’t want to forgive him.

Akash and Hina Khan are discussing about this fight and say that Vikas is overreacting and that they have been told worse things. As Hiten, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas, Puneesh are still discussing about Priyank’s behaviour, Hina, Luv and Priyank are playing in the garden area which further irritates Vikas.

Next morning contestants waking up to the song, Duniya Waale Very Good. Akash continues to sleep and an alarm rings again. Arshi being the captain of the house asks Akash to get up, but he doesn’t and tells her now that she is with Shilpa, she is doing all this with Akash. He boycotts both Shilpa and Arshi. Hiten tells Arshi that she has encouraged him all this while.

Bigg Boss announces that it’s time to select contestants who will go to kaal kothri this week. Arshi is asked to pick one housemate and she names Akash for breaking the rules again and again. Bigg Boss asks the rest of the contestants except Arshi and Akash to select two contestants unanimously, who were the weak performers in the BB Lab Task.

During this Priyank opts to go to jail as he has not been there ever. Vikas says that they should vote and Priyank loses his cool and calls Vikas mad. Hina tells Priyank that Vikas’ problem is that Priyank became a bigger person. Finally, they pick, Hiten and Priyank, who will join Akash in kall kothri. Vikas tells Hiten that Priyank wanted to go to jail because he wanted more screen time.

Priyank tells Luv that Vikas played it very dirty during the task and he is no one to judge how he is behaving with Benafsha Soonawalla and Hina. He adds that Vikas is always trying to put him and Hina down.

Bigg Boss introduces a task wherein Arshi gets an opportunity to see some unseen footage, which involves her. Along with her, she has to select two contestants, who will also get the same privilege.

Soon everyone start convincing Arshi. Hina tells her that she knows that a lot of people talk behind her back and she wants to see it now rather than waiting to get out of the house. Arshi picks Hina and Vikas.

Arshi and Shilpa get into an argument as she tells the latter that she uses tap water while cooking. Arshi tells this to Hina and she goes up to Shilpa and asks her not to use tap water and use water from RO. Shilpa gets angry and tells Hina that she won’t come in the kitchen. Hina says it her lookout and she can’t cook using tap water since it’s muddy. Luv and Puneesh say that they have been having the food for two and a half months and there was no point to create an issue.

Shilpa locks herself inside the bathroom. Arshi and Vikas convince her to come out, but she doesn’t. Finally Shilpa comes out and Vikas makes her understand. Shilpa says that Hina has not learnt science and that water gets boiled. She says the way Hina spoke to her was wrong, and Puneesh sides with her and tells Vikas that Shilpa will not enter the kitchen and that is how Hina will come to know.

Arshi is called in the activity room and she is shown the footage where Hina, Priyank, Benafsha and Luv discussed about the colour of her bra. And how Hina later denied it that Luv was not a part of this. Another footage that she was shown was when Bandgi Kalra got eliminated and Puneesh told Akash that he won’t let Arshi go ahead in the game. She tells them that she saw the videos, and Hina tells her that they didn’t make fun of her and it was a normal conversation.

Check out glimpse of what will happen in tonight’s episodes of BB11:


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