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Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale 14 January 2018 Episode Written Update, BB11 Written Episode

Colors Bigg Boss 11 14th January 2018 Written Update, BB11 Written Episode, Big Boss 11 Written Update

Today’s (14.01.2018) Bigg Boss 11 Grand Finale starts with Hina, Vikas, Shilpa and Puneesh talk about all the special moments that the show has given them. Shilpa says that she hopes she doesn’t go to the mental asylum if she wins the show. It then moves on to Salman Khan”s performance.

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Salman announces that contestants will get to vote for their favourite finalist one more time. through live vote via VOOT APP. Fans can vote between the to 2 Bigg Boss 11 Finalist.

Salman then gives each contestant and relationship inside the house a movie name to entertain us. Salman then mocks all the evicted contestants and asks them which finalist they are supporting. He also mocks Benafsha Soonawalla’s hairdo and laughs at it.

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Cut to the finalists in the house sitting in the garden area. Bigg Boss then praises the contestants for making this season one of the best.

Bigg Boss also asks finalists to move on with life and not be too stuck up with your past. The finalists also raise a toast to their journey with Salman. The finalists are then shown a footage of all the other celebrities supporting them. The finalists then see Salman on the Oppo TV and get really excited. Salman tells Vikas that he looks really dapper and we quite agree with him. Vikas confirms that he will work with Shilpa after the show gets over. Shilpa says that she is happy to have given her image a makeover and that she got a chance to prove herself. All the other finalists talk about what they have achieved from the show.

Salman then shows the contestants how the trophy looks this season.

Vikas talks about how Shilpa has improved as a listener and Shilpa talks about how Vikas has become much smarter now. Salman then requests Hina to sing a Dhinchak Pooja song but she decides to sing a song from Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar. What a beautiful voice! Vikas then asks Shilpa to sing a Marathi lullaby and she obliges. He tells everyone how she used to make him sleep by singing the lullaby.

Salman then shows them all the evicted contestants. Hiten then says that he could have been where Puneesh is right now. Arshi also says that Puneesh doesn’t deserve to be a finalist. Salman then moves on to Dhinchak Pooja who sings Afreen Bewafa Hai. Shilpa is perplexed listening to the song. Salman asks Pooja to change the name from Afreen to Arshi and she obliges. Salman then asks who should win between Hina and Vikas to which he says Vikas deserves to win. Salman then sings Priyank Toh Bewafa Hai.

He asks Luv whose count of votes he would like to change and he says that though he would like Hina to win, he has a feeling Shilpa might win. Salman then mimics Akash and announces that Akash will be performing next.

Hina and Shilpa are the best, Akash cheers after his performance. Salman asks the finalists which one of them should go out and Vikas says that the audience will decide it. After a little coaxing, Vikas takes Puneesh’s name. Shilpa takes Hina’s name, Puneesh takes Vikas’ name and Hina takes Puneesh’s name. Salman then points towards the briefcase inside the house and jokes that the briefcase has all the 100 votes that Luv cheated and added. He then gets serious and says that it’s time for one person to get evicted from the show tonight.

He says that one family member or friend will enter the house to take the evicted contestant out of the house. The door opens and Puneesh’s mother comes to take him away. 

Puneesh Sharma is the first finalist to be out of  Bigg Bos 11 

Puneesh happily comes out of the house and meets Salman. He thanks for the opportunity and says that for him Shilpa Shinde is clear winner for him.

Ravi Dubey then introduces himself as the host of Rising Star and requests Salman to promote the show once again. Salman jokes about getting paid to promote Rising Star. They then show a compilation of all the times Bhai promoted the singing reality show on Bigg Boss 11. Salman then meets the judges of Rising Star as they cross promote each other’s shows. Diljit Dosanjh also sings Do You Know for us. After some promotion of the Rising Star, Hiten and Arshi have a face off about their love story. Salman then announces Puneesh and Bandgi’s performance. Get ready to get uncomfortable everyone.

Arshi Khan then performs solo on Laila Main Laila after which she gives her duet performance with Hiten. Krystle D’Souza and Dheeraj Sarna enter the house to promote Belan Wali Bahu and with a task for the conestant. The finalists are asked to hit on the bum of a finalist with the belan after talking about one bad quality of another finalist. The actors then meet Salman on stage to talk about their show. And finally, Akshay Kumar enters the stage with Salman on a cycle. Salman introduces Padman and talks a little about the movie.

They choose from a box of props and designate one prop to each contestant. Since Akshay picks a scooter first, they called Pooja on stage and the three of them perform to Dilon Ka Shooter.  They get off the scooter and she also sings the Selfie song. Salman also urges her to sing Afreen Bewafa Hai. Salman even counts the number of times Pooja sings Afreen. They keep singing her songs and even take a selfie together. They then perform a rap song with Akash. They get Akash to wear boxers on his trousers. Salman says that Akash’s super power is farting.

Sapna Choudhary then asks if she can dance with the two on Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. After the dance, Akshay talks about Arunachalam Muruganatham and his work. He also speaks about menstrual hygiene, the number of women who are not even aware of sanitary napkin or hygiene. He also shows the audience the machine that can make a sanitary pad in just Rs 2/-. He also speaks about societal norms a girl has to face when she gets her period. He also shows us how to make a sanitary pad.

Akshay then says he will get one person from the house outside who has been evicted by fans. But before that, we see Vikas and Shilpa’s performance. This was the best performance so far. Akshay then goes inside the house to get one contestant out. The finalists are standing in front of their buzzers and effigy of themselves. Akshay tells them that they will have to press the buzzer and whichever effigy bursts, the contestants will be the evicted one. And Vikas Gupta gets evicted from the show making Hina and Shilpa the top 2 contenders.

It’s not time for Hina, Luv and Priyank’s performance. While people are voting live on the Voot app, the two finalists are being praised by Bigg Boss. He also asks the two to shut all the lights in the house and come out of the house. It’s not time to declare the winner of the show. And the winner of this season is Shilpa Shinde!



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