Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh breaks down over Asim Riaz’s fixed deposit remark, gets condemned

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Sidharth Shukla loses his cool as Asim Riaz calls Arti Shukla as Sid’s fixed deposit

In yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 (BB13), things got heated up between the contestants during the captaincy task. Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz got into a heated argument. Asim Riaz lost his tempter when he was addressed as Nalla and a cry baby by Sidharth Shukla and Shefali Zariwala. During the argument, he mentioned Arti Singh to be Sid’s fixed deposit and Shefali Zariwala as a labourer. It looks like Asim could not take the loss of his team quite sportingly.

The makers of the show have released a preview of today’s episode, we will see that Sid loses his cool as Asim Riaz once again comments Arti Singh to be Sid’s fixed deposit. Sid condemns Asim’s remarks. He gets much upset that Asim and his team say fixed deposit with a dirty meaning. Arti gets much affected with this remark and the arguments around it so much that she breaks down. Arti is seen crying inside the confession room as she tells Bigg Boss that she cannot bear such dirty comments about her.

It is known that Sid and Arti have been good friends for many years before Bigg Boss and the two have supported each other inside the BB house as well, especially Arti Singh.

Bigg Boss Fans took to twitter to and slammed Asim for his remarks about Arti. Many fans came out in support of Arti who has played the game with much dignity so far.

Well, we must say Arti Singh has played the game quite well without using foul languages during her arguments or fights with fellow contestants. What do you think? Asim should apologize to Arti for his unruly remarks?

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