Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz had admitted of being of dating a model from Mumbai, See Video

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Asim Riaz had shared with Sidharth Shukla of dating someone before entering BB house

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 13 (BB13), we saw that Asim Riaz was much happy with re-entry of Himanshi Khurana to support him as he makes his place in the top finalists in the Grand Finale of Bigg Bosss 13.

The big highlight of the show was when Asim went down on his knees to propose Himasnhi to marry him. The loyal fans of Asim and Himanshi were much excited to see this moment. However, Himanshi didn’t say yes instantly and Asim had to convince her a lot before she said “I Do”.

Himanshi didn’t want to make commitment on national TV and wanted to talk about few things with Asim before taking a big decision. Later, when the two were having a serious conversation, Asim was seen telling Himanshi that he loves her a lot and forever. He asks her to trust him and as for outside (most likely referring to his past relationship), it is over and he means it, even it the other person does not. Himanshi also tells him that she has been blamed by people that she is using the love angle for fame and if she had to take advantage, she would have said yes to him and played on the game.

In today’s episode, we will see that Vikas Gupta makes an entry in the house and makes a shocking revelation about Asim being involved with someone else outside of Bigg Boss house, during his private conversation with Shehnaaz Gill. He sees Asim and Himanshi have a good time together and says that people are madly in love and there are someone else who is also getting mad outside the house. Shehnaaz is shocked to know that Asim is dating someone else outside too.

Vikas also talks to Asim with Himanshi along his side that he should first end his relationship outside, before making commitments in his new relationships.

Loyal fans of Asim took to twitter and slammed the makers of sending Vikas Gupta to defame Asim. Vikas too got criticized for lying about Asim being in a relation.

However, a fan shared a video on social media involving a conversation between Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla. Asim admits that he was dating someone just one months before his entry in Bigg Boss house.

Asim says that things haven’t been working out between them and they have just stopped talking owing to their differences. Sidharth asks him did he break up and Asim says not officially he didn’t break-up with the girl he was dating and it is still going on. He tells Sidharth that she is a model from Mumbai and is not sure of naming the relationship or if they are just friends.


After looking at the video, we can say that Vikas did make a point that Asim should clarify things with the girl he has been seeing/dating and close things before moving on ahead in life. We can say that Himanshi taking time before making commitment to Asim after he proposed to her, seems justified now as Asim admits that he hasn’t officially broken up with the girl he has been dating before entering BB house.

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