Bigg Boss 13: Fans react as Rashmi Desai continues to dig her past personal and professional issues against Sidharth Shukla

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Rashmi Desai blames Sidharth Shukla of abusing her on sets in front of all

In yesterday’s weekend ka vaar episode of Bigg Boss 13 (BB13), we saw that Salman Khan had asked Rashmi Desai to let go of her issues with Sidharth Shukla outside of Bigg Boss house and stop making it headlines. However, looks like Rashmi just doesn’t seem to move on.

Just after Salman wrapped up the weekend ka vaar episode, we saw Asim, Rashmi and Arhaan Khan gang up and discuss their future strategy against Sidharth Shukla. Rashmi tells Arhaan that even if Siddharth Shukla happens to win Bigg Boss 13, she will not spare him outside the house.

Later, Rashmi sat down with Arhaan and continued to bring out her past issues with Sidharth where she revealed that Sidharth was fired twice by the production team of their show. She went on to reveal how she had blocked his number but he got Arti Singh involved to talk to her. She further mentioned about other women in his life and how no one is ready to speak up against him. She further blamed Arti not to support during her fight against Sid to which Arti said that she knows a lot and clearly stated her stand to stay out of Sidharth and Rashmi’s personal life out of Bigg Boss. Later on, she sat down with Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli that Sid Shukla had abused her in front of the crew of their last show.

Look’s like its no longer about Bigg Boss for Rashmi anymore and her only agenda is to get back at Sidharth Shukla. Bigg Boss fans took to twitter as Rashmi continues to target Sidharth Shukla over their bitter past.

@_Rashii It’s high time that someone should actually take STAND for #SidharthShukla This women #RashmiDesai talking shit behind his back! What she everytime tends to do that prove him wrong! @ColorsTV this is tarnishing ones image! PLEASE STAND FOR SID! #HighTime#BiggBoss13

@anshuman_reuben I don’t see any purpose for The Makers to let Rashami Desai stay any longer in the house. Does this woman really wants #SidharthShukla to file a defamation suit against her? Zero Entertainer and a Nuisance Value for the audience!!

@Debm830 This conversation is completely planned to down #SiddharthShukla. #RashmiDesai you are fake and disgusting. You may be good actress but you can’t fool us by playing girl & victim cards.

@VishvendraKum15 If character assassination is an art, the #rashmidesai is the Picasso of it. Shame on you @TheRashamiDesai, you’re disgusting.

@sriprad Enough is Enough how can #RashmiDesai keep on character assassinating a person every episode She cannot demean #SidharthaShukla in and out.. she should not have come at all or shud leave the show #BB13#biggbiss#biggboss#BiggBuzz

@AlishaBeylim Rashmi n Arhaan were intentionally talking abt past stuff (putting camera near the mouth). HOWWW CHEAPPPP #RashmiDesai#ArhaanKhan You aren’t getting any sympathy peeps, you’re disgusted to the core.

@AmanVerme #RashmiDesai apni nallo ki fauj (#ArhaanKhan#AsimRiaz#VishalAdityaSingh ) ikkatha kar rahi h strategies ban rahi h bhei. Ki kese lade #sidhathshukla se. And best words by #ParasChhabra Rashmi ki pille #BB13

@ItsBirdieBiatch· #RashmiDesai cant get enough of #SiddhartShukla ! He’s the only topic she talks about!

@ahsasrkf #RashmiDesai should not discuss all this on National Television

@Mou79837680 Asim, Rashmi aur Arhan fir se plan karna suru kar diya against #SiddharthShukla.

@tanmaymundhra We don’t want to hear #RashmiDesai bullshit. She says she was on road but when her brother came he said,” she was not on road”. Puri family double standards waali baatein kar rahi hain! #RashmiDesai is only trying to defame #SiddhartShukla

@pankajpammu She has totally lost it, #sidharthshukla is not even speaking about any personal relations or past, but #RashmiDesai going and bitching about @sidharth_shukla is really very unfair, this is reflecting very negative on ur part

What do you think? Has Rashmi Desai gone too far to bring out her past with Sidharth Shukla on Bigg Boss? Let us know in the comments section below

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  • <cite class="fn">Chokiwamgchuk</cite>

    Aisi Rashmi desasi jaisi is the cheapest women on entire earth.How can she talk about siddharts past.This dirty bitch is intentionally trying to tarnish siddharts image by playing sympathy and women card.Bigboss shouldnot entertain this kind of contestants .if she is not evicted some serious similar issues will rise. Now that she have already started digging past sid will not be at all fault.No industry or shows should entertain such women that can tarnish ones image and nationals reputation and women shouldnot suppoet such bitch.if she is entertained and supported all mankind will loose faith in women.

    Siddhart you are right about rashmi ,,she is manupulative and you definately should show her all colors ,red blue green and rainbow colors ,you got nothing to hold back .woman are not only one with feeling and reputation ,,mans also gets hurt and have reputation.

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