Bigg Boss 13: Fans react as Rashmi Desai throws tea over Sidharth Shukla during Weekend Ka Vaar episode

Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan calls Rashmi’s behaviour disgusting

Fans of Colors TV Bigg Boss 13 (BB13) will have to gear up for a dhamakedaar weekend ka vaar episode. In today’s episode, we saw Rashmi Desai and Asim Riaz get into an ugly fight during the Asim City Task.

Due to his health conditions, Sidharth had been asked to stay out of the task. However, Asim asked Sidharth to participate in the task quoting that he seems to be in good condition as he is not taking bed rest and chatting with other. Rashmi too backed Asim to which Sidharth asked Asim if she is your naukrani and soon their fight turned ugly. Arhan too got involved and asked if he talks to the women in his house like that. Sidharth replied back saying iske jaisi ladki (girls like her) are not in my house. This took the fight to another level as Rashmi demanded Sidharth to explain what did he mean by his comment while Sidharth only reolied saying Rashmi Desai Jaisi.

Vikas Gupta sided Sidharth as he found Asim and Rashmi provoking Sidharth over petty issues and taking to level of character assassination. Further, Rashmi blamed Sidharth of using his illness (typhoid) and taking undue advantage to avoid working in the house and just lying down all the time.

Now, in tomorrow’s weekend ka vaar episode of Bigg Boss 13, we will see that things will get out of hand as Rashmi loses her temper and spills tea over Sidharth asking him what does he think of himself and does he own the house. Sidharth Shukla too threw tea back at Rashmi. Arhan interefered and things got physical between the two.

When Salman Khan questions Rashmi about her behaviour, Rashmi calls Sidharth do kaudi ka insaan and justifies herself that is would rather keep my self respect than tolerate this man. To this, Salman Khan calls Rashmi’s behaviour disgusting and asks her to think about what is she doing. He also seem to be upset with the irrational behaviours of other housemates. He condemns the makers for extending the season for five extra week and refuses to host the show any further.

Well, we must say, this season of Bigg Boss has seen the contestants crossing all the limits in terms of aggressiveness and violence in the house. Here we share with you fan reactions to Rashmi Desai spilling tea over Siddharth Shukla.

@priyamade OMG! after watching the promo of #WeekendKaVaar can’t wait to see tomorrow’s #BiggBos13#RashamiDesai should kick out of the Show. Playing are dirty game. We support #SiddharthShukla

@EshaMankoo In today’s episode Everyone was targeting SiD .. Where is humanity..He is not fine why asim & Rashmi was talking about his Illness , Asim pushed him Now Nominate Asim For his behaviour @ColorsTV@BiggBoss

@atfkk48 Agar salman shukla ki class nahi leta rashmi k liye stand nahi leta tk wo dabanng nahi tubelight h #WeekendKaVaar

@taj_8268 Please teach #RashmiDesai how to behave with sick people don’t make fun of typhoid #SiddharthShukla is seriously sick if viewers can see that why not you #WeekendKaVaar

@SpeaksAR If any guy would have thrown hot tea on a girl what would you do @ColorsTV@BiggBoss . Will the rules be always for girls.Please give protection to the guys from that mad lady.Also mute her as I don’t want to break my TV.

@HarshitaRathi30 We support #SiddharthShukla#WeekendKaVaar Rashmi should be out of the show …she is playing women card n instigating ppl against sid…such a piece of shit she is yaar…

@Karmyogi16 #WeekendKaVaar Wt an episode #GutterDesai was trying to bring real face of sid but got her real face out in the context. Hahahaha Apne pe aayi to jhel hi nahi payi wht kind of aurat she is. She is a bloody psycho needs a doctor. Crocodile tears wont help her win the show.

@AShokeen9 Disgusting act by #RashmiDesai not expected from her. And that bloody Arhaan who is disowning his own child, yeh kya rakhega Rashmi for long term!

@DjishqOfficial @BiggBoss@BeingSalmanKhan I hope kal #WeekendKaVaar mein Salman bhai doesn’t SUPPORT #RashmiDesai for her cheap old tactics against #SiddharthShukla to Poke him..for footage! #BB13#BiggBoss

@sri2tweet1 #VikasGupta rightly said #SidharthShukla mom and sister are not in show, abusing them by #RashmiDesai is worst part. She planned the fight and she lost it

@sudhanshu94p #RashmiDesai after watching today’s episode i don’t think so i ever want to see her in any other show she deserves arhan khan

@OmkarGa31013674 #WeekendKaVaar What the hell is this? She’s throwing hot tea on him. Now don’t say that a man shouldn’t retaliate because she’s a woman.(i am fully support you #SiddharthShukla) #SidharthShukla#BB13

@ImAjayKaswan #RashmiDesai looks for such lame triggers in #BigBoss house. Kuch bola? Mere baare mai bola? Kya bola? #SidharthShukla ne bola? I need to play women card now, my turn..!! She is a big time NAUTANKI & evil woman. Who need such a noisy drama queen around? #BB13#BiggBoss13

What do you think? Should Rashmi Desai be evicted from Bigg Boss house after this act? What should be the action taken by the makers? Drop your views in the comments section below!

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