Bigg Boss 13: MUST SEE FAN REACTIONS as Paras Chabbra’s mother asks him to stop being Godfather to Mahira Sharma

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Paras’ mother asks him to take stand for himself, play game solo

The family week in Bigg Boss 13 (BB13) brought in a lot of emotional and sweet moments for the contestants who have met their loved ones after a long time.

In the last episode of BB13, we saw Mahira Sharma‘s mother enter Bigg Boss house and reminds Paras about his girlfriend Akanksha Puri outside of the house and clearly says that Mahira is his good friend. She asks him not kiss Mahira on TV as she does not like it and also let her speak for herself during her fights.

Looks’ like Mahira’s mum didn’t approve of Paras and Mahira’s closeness. And now, in today’s episode, we will see Paras Chabbra’s mother enter the house. Paras introduces her to Mahira and his mom says that though they have been playing the game together but he should now start taking stand for himself.

She further tells Paras that in the intial days he was playing the game so well, but ever since his alliance with Mahira, he is only seen in the corner. He should stop being a Godfather to Mahira and play the game solo now. She clearly states ” 36 ayenngi 36 jayengi ,,,teri wali teri maa hi layngi” (meaning he can be with as many girls he wants to be with, but she will be the one to chose his life partner).

Fans of Paras and Mahira took to twitter to share their reactions after their respective mothers entered the Bigg Boss house and seemed not to approve of their relationship. See reactions here.

It is known that equations between the Bigg Boss contestants keep changing everyday, however, Paras and Mahira’s bonding has remained very strong throughout this season so far. It will now be interesting to see that after getting warned by his mother, will Paras change his game and distance himself from Mahira?

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