Bigg Boss 13: MUST SEE Fan reactions as Salman Khan questions Paras Chabbra about his game with Mahira Sharma

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Paras Chabbra reveals that he wants to break up with girlfriend Akanksha but she is not ready

One of the big highlights of today’s Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan was him losing his cool over Paras Chabbra.

Salman questioned Paras about his game with Mahira Sharma given that he has a girlfriend Akanksha Puri outside of Bigg Boss house. He asked him to clarify his statement made to Akanksha before entering BB house that he may flirt with girls inside the house for the game. Paras clarified that he wanted to break up with Akanksha before getting inside the house but she was not ready to. He lost his cool over allegations made against him and asked Salman not to hear to the show creatives.

Salman too lost his temper when Paras raised his tone during his arguments and warned him to tone down. He further asked him that he intends to break up with Akanksha then why does he take her support, since she has been sending him clothes, perfumes, food and everything else as and when he requires during his stay in Bigg Boss house. To this Paras said that he had no one else apart for Akanksha in Mumbai and hence she has been sending things for him. He further said that he did not ask her to do so as he has been assigned stylist who can send him his things but Akanksha has been acting as a broker and doing it voluntarily.

While explaining all of this he raised in tone and Salman warned him that he can come to this level which will not be good to him. Paras apologized to Salman stating that he didn’t raise voice against him but over the accusations made against. Salman stated that he has only questioned him over his game for the sake of Mahira Sharma.

Mahira showed support for Paras stating that he knows that he is not playing games her and is not fake. She said that he has told her everything about his girlfriend and she will always be his friend.

Later, Sid spoke to Paras and explained him that even though he was trying to clarifying the wrong accusations against him, he went wrong with his tone. Further, Salman too, clarified to Paras that he only wanted his clarifications for Mahira’s sake and the show creatives have nothing to to with it.

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What do you think? Is Paras playing game with Mahira Sharma? ha he been wrong to his girlfriend Akanksha Puri? Did Salma do the right thing by asking clarifications from Paras Chabbra for Mahira’s sake? Let us know in the comments section below!

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