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Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi Desai calls it off with Arhaan Khan, Fan reactions SEE HERE

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Rashmi not to take her relationship forward Arhaan

The fans of Colors TV Bigg Boss 13 (BB13) can’t wait enough to see tommorow’s episode as Sidharth Shukla who has a big fan following and is considered to be strong contender to be Bigg Boss 13 winner, will be re-entering the Bigg Boss house.

It is known that Sid had been sent to secret room to recover from typhoid and was later hospitalized to recover his illness. Ever since he has been out of the show, his fans have been missing him a lot. And now, with his return, Sidharth’s big fandom are already rejoicing on social media.

Also, in tommorow’s episode preview, we will see that Rashmi Desai calls off with Arhaan Khan.

Rashami Desai too has a huge fan following on social media and a strong player in BB house. Her fans haven’t been a fan of her link-up with Arhaan Khan. We have seen that despite Arhaan hiding the truth about his marriage and kid from her, Rashmi gave Arhaan another chance considering all the support he has given her inside and outside of Bigg Boss house during her difficult times. Later, when Paras revealed to rashmi about Arhaan making statements about her back balance on national TV, Rashmi accepted to being bankrupt and Arhaan helping her out with it. Rashmi’s fans who have been showing her support through her journey in Bigg Boss too were shocked with her response.

However, Rashmi Desai has been reconsidering about her relationship Arhaan ever since her brother Gaurav Desai and Kamya Punjabi warned her to make right decisions about her life. Salman Khan too slammed Arhaan for making such statements and making a fool of himself.

Well, looks like Rashmi has finally decided not to rush and re-considered about her relationship with Arhaan. In the preview, we see that Rashmi, who is accompanied by Arhaan for support, tells Arhaan that things have just started between them and she is not happy with the way Arhaan has presented about helping her out in her difficult times. She tells him that she does need love in her life and he knows it well. She does not want to lose him (as a friend) but she cannot take things ahead and Arhaan gets her message and gets emotional.

Many of her fans were happy that Rashmi took a wise decision while some found Rashmi-Arhaan relationship to be fake in the first place and were excited about Sidharth Shukla’s re-entry: Check out some of the fan reactions here:

@soul_sessions #Arhaan_khan is totally a fraud bakwaas..!!and self proclaimed #RashmiDesai is a stupid who else are you waiting for..??Salman sir told you,paras told u,Kamya Punjabi your own brother and now Hina Khan I guess to many people are not wrong maintain distance from this idiot..!!

@wasim081989 Replying to @ashleymoxelNow Rashami should focus on game.. Pyar mohabbat bahar jaake sort out kar le to achha rhega

@glory36818802 What I like about Rashmi is she is going through a tough phase of being lonely yet she standing tall and handling the mess in a dignified way. It seems like she is breaking up, however even while doing so she is ensuring to maintain that respect rather than making it ugly..

@safiena07 LMAO kya khaab dekhe the @BiggBoss ne rashmi arhaan ki shaadi trp aur badengi aur end mai inka breakup hi karwadiya …But must say #RashmiDesai is strong enough to face and accept it

@battatawadaaa Everyone who has come from the Tv Industry has talked to Rashmi, supported her and told her what is correct for her and what is not. Shows how loved and respected in the industry she is .. Arhaan can go away. Boy she don’t need you. #RashmiDesai#BiggBoss13

@jayachaturvedi8 Arhaan audience ki nazar me accha banne ke chakkar me bewakoofi KR Gaya…Socha hoga log usko #RashmiDesai ki help krne ke liye,hero samjhege,ho Gaya Ulta.. Ye public hai sab jaanti hai.. Shameless Banda hai.. Emotions se khel rha hai Ek ladki ke. #BiggBoss13#FraudArhaanKhan

@tarunsh51659556 Replying to @Hinakhanhome_ and @eyehinakhanAarhan doesn’t deserve Rashmi . #RashmiDesai needs love n care . He is miss using her loneliness

@SAHEL_ME· #Now if #RashmiDesai dumps #AarhanKhan This will be considered as just trying fix her image; this woman can never be a genuine person.

@ashleymoxel Rashami Desai finally distancing herself from Arhaan khan after his betrayal this is exactly what was needed .. Retweet and spread this promo if you guys are excited to see this tomorrow I’m excited #RashamiDesai Rashami Winning Hearts

@Prettyparatha She was embarrassed to dance with him..it was not awkwardness..i smwhere feel bad foor #ArhaanKhan not #RashmiDesai

@GreenidgeL· Yeah #RashmiDesai aur #ArhaanKhan ka kachra kaun dekhna chahta hai, Bakwaas love story #BiggBoss13 is all about #AsimRiaz and #SiddharthShukla@ColorsTV@BiggBoss

@YamaSpeaks Replying to @ColorsTV@TheRashamiDesaiand 2 othersThe love story of both #ArhaanKhan & #RashamiDesai is the most fake story in the entre history of #BiggBoss season. No chemistry. Both have evil thoughts about others. #RashmiDesai has failed completely in the show. @biggboss@ColorsTV#WeMissYouSid#MissingYouSidShukla

Do you think Rashmi-Arhaan love story was fake or otherwise? Let us know in the comments section below?

Keep reading this space for latest gossips and updates of Bigg Boss 13.


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