Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan reveals Asim Riaz’s relationship outside BB house, call him a fool, MUST SEE REACTIONS

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Salman warns Asim to kick his ass if he does not honour his words

One of the big highlights of this week’s Bigg Boss 13 was Asim Riaz proposing Himanshi Khurana to marry him after she entered the house as his connection to support him in journey to the Grand Finale. However, Himanshi was much hesitant to say yes to him. She may not have directly said the reason but hinted that she needed clarity from Asim Riaz as she has come to know of many things about him which are outside of Bigg Boss house.

In tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan, we will see that Salman calls Asim a big fool as Himanshi denied to commit to him when he proposed to her and yet he was not forcing her to say yes. Asim says that he loves Himanshi and hence he did what he had to.

Salman questions him if he has broken up with his girlfriend outside of the house. Asim admits that officially broken up and he will sort out things once he is out of the house. Salman warns him that if he does not keep his words, then he would personally come and kick his ass for his deceive.

Asim Riaz has a lot of fan following on twitter and they shared their reactions to support him and criticized Salman and the makers for targeting Asim time and again. While, there were other fans who were happy that Salman revealed Asim’s double face. Check out fan reactions here:

@Vaishnavnambii· When Himanshi Khurana came inside house she said to Asim Riaz that she is his LADY LUCK … I was laughing at time and I’m still laughing!! Asim Ke life mai Panuthi Ban kar ayyi hai yeh!!

@Addya70903029·47sTHE MOST BIASED SHOW EVER …… GUYS NOW SALMAN IS TARGETING HIMANSHI … He is trying to break Rashmi and himanshi’s friendship!!! And also defaming #AsimRiaz WILL SURELY BOYCOTT #BB13#boycottbb13

@DrNupurrk What a promo.. A$$im has a gf outside n still proposed to Himanchii #SalmanKhan to Asem..agar without break up propose kiya hai to I’ll come inside @BiggBoss house n KICK UR A**.. It’s Karma time bro

@Evilque44018970· When SalmanKhan Told same things to #Paras last WKV Asim were happy that he Exposed him Tomorrow Salman Will expose the fake Love angle of ASSim and people will start Shouting Biased

@Munmund00· #HimanshiKhurana didn’t confess, that doesn’t mean #AsimRaiz Galat hai woh himanshi k picche par gya hai they both love each other man.. Himanshi ne saaf saaf kaha ki woh bahar confess karegi apni feelings, she never said that she don’t love asim.. #Ashimanshi

@jiya_tweetss· I will kick your ass? Okay, but why? Because he loves #HimanshiKhurana ? Toh tumhari kyu jal rahi itni #AsimForTheWin#WeekendKaWaar#BB13#KingAsim

@johnny90886768 in four days @realhimanshi has made a fool of asim & herself.why would she not clear with asim first but instead she went to everyone else to get their opinion. she has made asim look very weak for the first time in the show. #BB13#BiggBoss13#AsimForTheWin

@SharaniaJ Promo – #SalmanKhan has left asimhimanshi red faced haha …#BB13#BiggBossSeason13#BiggBoss#BiggBoss13

@alishh2 #AsimRiaz for the sake of your own self, SPEAK UP. If you think you’re being portrayed wrong, SAY IT. Enough is enough!

@isandeepsingh6· Asim ko Lagta hai dulha bane ka baut shokh hai. Ghar ke bhar ka kuch clear nhi, andar bhai ka alag hi form hai. Bigg boss mein nhi Splitsvilla mein Jana chaiye tha.

@rimple_desai· #BiggBoss13#biasedSalmanKhan just saw the promo where #SalmanKhan telling #AsimRiaz u are looking like a fool, who are u to decide this, why didn’t you said something like this to #ParasChhabra where he is also using his gf itna bias #SalmanKhan u look like a fool losing respect

@FarukhA38870378· #SalmanKhan who are u to say to #AsimRiaz breakup the relationship from his side,its totally fucking shit #AsimForTheWin the show #BigBoss13

@SegyBB13· When @BeingSalmanKhan Told same things to #Paras last weekend Chuslets were happy that he Exposed him Tomorrow Salman Will expose the fake Love angle of ASSim and people will start Shouting Biased and Will abuse #SalmanKhan

Well, the promo has surely left the Bigg Boss fans divided and it will be interesting to weekend ka vaar episode for Bigg Boss fans!

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