Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan reveals Rashmi Desai has received less votes that Vishal Aditya Singh, Fan reactions

Bigg Boss 13 latest news: Salman asks Rashmi to pray that she doe not get evicted this week

Loyal fans of Bigg Boss 13 (BB13) will have to gear up for a dhamakedaar Weekend Ka Vaar Episode with Salman Khan. The social media is already taken by storm as host Salman dares Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz to battle it outside of Bigg Boss house, owing to their constant ugly fights inside of the house. He lashes out at them for threatening each other of bashing up one another during the fights. Salman asks the makers to open the door for the duo and dares them to fight it out and end their issues once and all.

Shockingly, Sid agrees and gets ready to step out and fight with Asim. Reports, suggest that Asim would deny to fight with Sid.

Also the makers have released a new promo, where Salman is seen asking Rashmi, if she considers Vishal to be a weak or a strong contestant. She replies back saying that compared to her, she thinks Vishal is weak. Salman tells Vishal that his own friends think that he is weak (while he is fighting about it with others). Salman also makes a shocking revelation for Rashmi that she has received less votes compared to Vishal and he is safe. He asks Rashmi to pray that she does not get eliminated from the show today.

Rashmi Desai fans took to twitter and shared their reactions to this promo and blamed the makers to be biased. While other fans too shared their views to Rashmi receiving lesser votes. See reactions here

@sonam25369129· And @BiggBoss always try to gain TRP just to doing small clips of #RashamiDesai every weekend else who will wait to watch @BiggBoss you see #RashmiDesai kept @BiggBoss going rest always fight

@Sanjana75789591 Vishal is far better than #RashmiDesai kyuki atleast vo content deta he. Rashmi se ek task dhang se nhi hota. Aur @ColorsTV vale usko aage kar rhe he. Biggboss ke jagah #lowboss rakh lo. Agar rashmi ko hi jeeta pade to..

@rahul_06800 It’s another strategy f @BiggBoss@ColorsTV makers to target #RashmiDesai since she was strong from last two weak.The makers r so shameful they will protect bullier Shukla & ask @BeingSalmanKhan not to say anything.The show is so rigged & predictable. #BiasedBiggBoss#BiggBoss13

@Shailyjha1· Rashmi is giving vibes of Hina Khan because she also considered her friend luv weak lol but he managed to reach top 6 so no one is weak #SidharthShukla se seekh who always motivates his friends and encourages them to play hard #FairAndHonestSid#TheRiseOfSidharth

@BhardwajKaamini Leave vishal aside Maza toh tab aya when Salman sir said Rashmi tum apni chinta karo

@ssjaii Yeah! Joke of the decade! Vishal got more votes than Rashami? Even Rashami’s Haters are not going believe this. Stop doing this cheap tricks. Idiots, We very well know why you are doing this. You guys are doing this to destroy her confidence. Stop it with already!! #RashamiDesai

@siyaparmar19961 Aapko Bas #RashamiDesai Ko Nicha Dikhana hai Kuch Nahi Mila Target Karne Ko To Week Strong ye Baat Ghusedo Bich me… Humko Pagal Samaj Rakha Hai Kya vishal Ko Rashu se Jyada Vote Mile Jese Chipkali ko Mile the Wese…

@rai_arpanBB· Salman is lying bcoz Asim and Rashmi they both were playing for Vishal. Yeh sahi bhi he q ki finale aane wala he, sabko khud k leeye khelna chahiye. #StopTargetingAsim

@Madhu71920920 Wtf ! This week she rocked! Stop trying to break her! Biasednesss ki hadhh hai!

@SangPie1 #VishalAdityaSingh would have gained a lot of sympathy votes after last week. He was good to #ShehnaazGill, so her supporters will vote for him. Also, #AsimRiaz fans will save a weaker contestant to get their Idol to the Finale! #WakeUp#Focus only on your Idol #BiggBoss13#BB13

@RashamiDesai_TM· Shame on you @ColorsTV ..Stop playing with #RashamiDesai for the sake of TRPs.. Every week you target her.. And who is this Vishal… Who even knows him.. Rashami is the most voted contestant this week too

Well, its indeed a shocker that Rashmi Desai has received less votes compared to Vishal Aditya Singh. Looks like Salman might warn Rashmi and other to play for themselves rather than saving other at this point in the show!

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