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Bigg Boss 9 27 November 2015 Written Update, BB9 Written Episode

Bigg Boss 9 Written Update 27th November 2015 – Day 46 & day 47 Episode Update

Day 46 (continued)
Mandana says to Kanwaljeet that it is not allowed to eat in bedroom, only Digangana is allowed to do that, Kanwaljeet says i am not making noise while eating like goat so leave, Mandana angrily leaves. Suyyash comes there and says to Kanwaljeet that you cant eat in bedroom, Kanwaljeet says but i am not making noise, ask Digangana , Digangana says no i didnt listen any noise of eating, i waked up only when argument broke out, Mandana says but this is rule of house, why he is taking is personally, we are not here to listen his nonsense, i am trying to sleep but he isnt shutting his mouth, Suyyash says to Mandana that you need to have control on your words, i am sorry to say this, Kanwaljeet says i will do what i want.

Kanwaljeet says to Kishwar in car that i wasnt making any noise while eating but Mandana made issue of it, Rochelle says but it is rule of house to not eat in bedroonm, Rishabh says but this is wrong, no one should be be interrupted in eating, there shouldnt be any rules like this, Kanwaljeet says to Rochelle that why you have to poke nose in everything? you asked me blow candles too, why? Rochelle says i didnt say it personally, Kanwaljeet ask her to shut up, you are irritating me.

Prince, Priya, Rochelle are sleeping in car but Kishwar is awake and is not comfortable.

Day 47
song plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Kishwar says to Rochelle that i have pain in leg. Prince acts like its smelling in car, Priya is peeing(i guess).

Priya says to Rochelle that if you are having difficulty in sitting here then leave, your health is more important, Kishwar says i will also go outside with you, come with me, Rochelle says i dont wanna leave, Kishwar says even if i leave car with you? Rochelle says lets see.

Kishwar says i cant sit anymore, i am bored, she comes out of car and says i feel so good.

Suyyash reads instructions that its time for 2nd stage of task, inmates who are outside can help inmates sitting in car, the one who they like can help and go against inmates whom they dont like to win and can irritate to bring them out of car. Priya says clear everything as there are goons here too(taunting Prince), Prince ask her to not taunt him again as goon, Priya says i can says what i want.

Prince and Priya are sitting in back seat, Rochelle who is seating in front seat says that you both control your legs, it shouldnt hit me. Priya says Prince is attacking me with legs, what can i do? she says bigg boss he is caressing my hands, Prince says say something nice atleast sometimes, this is family show, Priya says even after doing all that, you are saying this family show? Priya says Rochelle and Mandana said clearly that they are afraid of living in house because of goons here, you were physical, Kishwar threatened Mandana to slap her out of show, Prince says you have researched alot for show but doesnt know anything clearly, what kind of research have you done? Priya says you sprayed on Digi’s face and she has allergy, only you can do things like that.

Rishab comes to car, he opens doors of car, Priya covers her face with scarf, Mandana says to Rochelle that they have strategy to bring you out of car, Rishab says i will cut belt of car, Mandana says this is against rules, you are destroying property, Rishab ask her to not raise her voice, he says you are *****, Priya ask Rishab to mind his words, Rishab ask her not teach him what to say or not, Priya says but you should not used ill words like this, Kishwar says he is not giving you slang, boys are using slangs for each other, why are you involving in all this? Prince says you keep calling me goon, why? if you say it again then i will not leave you, Priya says talk to my hand. Rishab brings scissor and starts cutting Rochelle’s seatbelt, Rochelle tries to stop him, Rishab ask her to keep her hand back from belt else her hand will get cut, Rochelle says cant i defend myself? Kishwar says you can but if he doing something on belt then you should not bring hand inbetween, Mandana says to Rishab that you cant cut belt, he says i would, Priya says Rochelle is defending her belt thats why putting hand inbetween, Kishwar ask her to not come inbetween. Kishwar comes Priya and throws urine on seat near her, Priya says this is disgusting, worst part is that its my urine thats touching me but you are touching my urine, Kishwar says it doesnt matter to me, Priya sprinkles urineon Kishwar’s face, Kishwar does spray on her face, Mandana checks spray if its dangerous, Kishwar says she is throwing urine on my face, cant i use spray? and i threw urine near her but on her face unlike her, Kishwar pulls Priya’s scarf.

Kishwar says to Rishab that i want Priya to come out of car first now. Kishwar says to Rimi that i threw urine near Priya, not on her but she sprinkled it directly on my face.
Priya says i am not Kishwar, she says to Mandana thats Kishwar was putting urine near my seat so i would move away and will pull me out of car this car but instead of moving away, i moved towards urine, this is my battle, i sprinkles on her face as i know her standard, Prince says you cant bring old things again and again, if you do something with person then he would give it back to you, Priya says nobody can stop me from speaking, and doing anything.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that she thinks that we are bully and goons and she will play victim card easily.

Kishwar comes to Prince and ask if he peed? she says i didnt. Kishwar throws few things on Priya. Rimi requests Priya to come out of car else they will fight with her, she can become captain later too, Priya says i wont come out.
Rishab comes to Rochelle and applies few things on her face and hairs. Prince holds Rochelle’s legs, Rishab pulls Rochelle’s cheeks, Prince tickles Rochelle, Rishab tries to pull her belt, Prince holds Rochelle’s hands and twist it, Rochelle cries, Mandana stops Rishab.

Prince says to Rochelle that dont put legs on me, if you are not able to sit here, then leave, you know that i wont leave car, i have stopped pee for 2 days so you think that i would leave now? i would complete task, you will feel bad for yourself in end, you can go and have food now if your health is not fine, i will help you in next captaincy, Rochelle says why are you forcing me to go out of car? you are acting as if you are caring for my health but then forcing me and all, if you genuinely wants to help me in next captaincy task then do it, why promising in this task? leave it, Prince says fine.

Kishwar reads instructions that its time for 3rd stage of task, inmates sitting in car cant sleep at night, if one of the inmates dozes off then lights will be switched on and alarm will play. Suyyash says means if you sleep then alarm will play but you wont be eliminated from task, it is to build pressure on you guys, Prince says no that person will be eliminated, Kishwar says we will see when alarm plays.
inmates decide that they cant let Priya or Rochelle become captain, Rishabh says we will first bring Rochelle out of car then we will bring Priya out and Prince will become captain, Digi says its obvious that Prince will become captain.

Rochelle tries to drink water, Prince tries to snatch bottle from her and says this is my bottle, you cant drink it, its my water, Prince tries to snatch from her but Rochelle says you are touching my chest, you are physical, i didnt touch you when i took your bottle, Prince says just give me my bottle, he snatches it from her. Inmates attacks Priya and Rochelle by spraying on them. Rochelle says to Rimi that they have taken your make up that doesnt mean you will do what they want you to do, do what you want, Rimi says we all have to bring you all out of car, thats task.
Prince tries to grab Rochelle’s leg, Rochelle says your nails are screeching me, i can show you marks too, Prince says you were tickling me too so i can do it, Rochelle says you cant be physical, she says to Mandana that he is moving his hands in appropriate position on my body, i am telling him to stop but he doesnt understand, Prince says why she touch me when she doesnt want anyone else to touch her? Rochelle cries and says leave me alone, i am crying because my birthday has gone like this, Prince says why you make issue of everything, Rochelle says you all are attacking me from everywhere, Prince says enough, you always make issue of touching and all, this is task, Mandana asked me to back off and i did.
Digi is in garden too, Mandana says to Digi that you are not part of task so you cant make faces, Suyyash says what? she can make any face she wants, Rishab says she is not your servant, she can laugh if she wants, just cause she is 18years old, you cant over rule her, Digi says why anyone would tell me how to behave, Rishabh says if Mandana doesnt leave house then i would make her suffer here.

Mandana is eating dinner, Rishabh throws something at her, Mandana says atleast respect food, Rishab says you are talking about respecting food? you made Kanwal stop eating last night, you didnt even care about his age, do you do this with your family too? no wonder you live alone as you doesnt respect anyone, you have no respect for any elder, inmates ask Rishab to not go to family of anyone, Kishwar ask Rishab to talk in nice tone, Rishab says why? if she doesnt talk nicely then why should i? Rochelle says you are not so big to say all this, you also never respect any elder so dont tell others about respecting and all, if you are throwing things in her food then she would ask you to stop, Rishab says you can take her side as much as you want, i am devil, deal with it, Rochelle says you are flying too much high.

Rishab says to Kanwal that i will speak infront of all about food, Mandana eats alot, Rishab says everything is situational for Rochelle and Mandana, they are friends or foes at per situation, now i will teach them.

Bigg boss says to inmates that this show has run for 16 years in more than 100 countries, this is chance which people get once in a life time, the spot which people die for, you people have reached that place but is disrespecting it, for the audience, who vote for you, its your responsibility to entertain them but some of you even dont have respect for your fans, maybe its not wrong in your eyes as this can be your thinking but if someone with this thinking is inside house then there is no place for him/her in this show, so Bigg boss is taking a decision which he never took in any season, Bigg boss is opening main gate of house for sometime and wanna tell inmates that who have this thinking, he or she can leave rightnow, gates are opened. All are tensed. Suyyash and Rishab goes to bedroom, Rimi gets up from lounge too.


Bigg boss will show clips to inmates about how other inmates back bite-ed about them many times behind their back and what they have become in house. Bigg boss shows clip to Rishab and says you came as threat for inmates but have become a mere joke for everyone. Bigg boss says to Prince that prince rules everyone but you have become part of lot and started following others. Bigg boss says to Rochelle that you became mere Keith’s girlfriend in house.
Gate of house is opened, Rishab brings Suyyash in corner and says this is our opportunity(to throw Rimi out of house or expose Rimi). He comes to Rimi and says you can leave house, we are going to pack your bags. Later Bigg boss says to inmates that car task will be nullified in one hour if there isnt one inmates left in car instead of two. Prince and Priya are in car and one have to leave car else task will be discarded without announcing winner, Suyyash ask Priya to come out of car, she says i wont.


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