Home TV Bigg Boss 9 28 November 2015 Written Update WU, BB9 Written Episode

Bigg Boss 9 28 November 2015 Written Update WU, BB9 Written Episode

Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode 28th November 2015 – Day 48 Episode Update

Weekend Special
Salman comes on stage and says it was difficult week for inmates, they had to work hard in tasks and the thing which never happened, happened in this season, Bigg boss opened doors and asked inmates who dont wanna live in house, just get out, all faces were pale, lets see what happened.

In bigg boss house, gates of house are opened. Mandana ask for whom, this is for? Rishabh says this is for everyone, Mandana says if someone leaves then it means that we are not respecting show? Rishabh says no he meant to say that people are living in house and not respecting opportunity so they should leave. Rishabh bring Suyyash in corner and says this is opportunity for us, dont explain her anything. Rishabh comes to Rimi and says you can leave house, gates are opened, leave.
Rishab comes to Priya and Rochelle and says anyone can leave. after 5minutes, doors are closed, Priya says Rimi it was opportunity for you, why didnt you leave? Rimi says it was different kind of leaving. Prince says this was lesson for us all to entertain. Rishabh says all those who kept saying that they wanna leave house, it was message for them.

Kishwar says everyone said it times and again that they wanna leave, but we should not do it again, Mandana says to Bigg boss that it i was disrespectful to show then i am sorry. Digi says i am shocked that Rimi didnt leave.
Rimi is lying on her bed, Suyyash comes to Rimi and ask why didnt she leave? Rimi says i have survived 7weeks in this house so why leave now, Rishab comes and ask if she wanna win now? Rimi says what i was doing whole time, i will be same.
Digi says to Kishwar that i am actually doubting Rimi now, all are confused.

Salman says lets see more storms coming in house.
In Bigg boss house. Around 4am, song Jago Subah hogyi plays as alarm. Prince, Rochelle and Priya were sleeping which was not allowed, Rochelle leaves car as being tired.

I am the best song plays. inmates wake up.

Priya says to Suyyash that i need this immunity more, i told Prince that i wont go against him if i become captain. Priya says to Prince that think about it, its been very long, you know its now easy to do thisw task, to now its upto you, you wanna save your best friend after becoming captain? who are your best friends? Prince says Mandana(she is there), Rochelle, Kishwar and Suyyash, Priya says i wont go against them, Kishwar comes and ask if they have decided anything? Prince tells Kishwar in ear that Priya has agreed, she will do everything for him and for his friend, he wont go against us, Prince says it doesnt matter to me to sit in car for more long time but hatts off to Priya to be in car for around 40hours, so i announce her as winner, he comes out of car, Priya wins immunity task. bigg boss says Priya has won task and has won immunity, she will get special authority in nominations, which we will tell later, she has become captain too.

Bigg boss says to inmates that almost nine weeks are finished of this season, half season has passed so now Bigg boss will show your journey till now so you can gauge yourself and plan for victory, he ask Rishab to come in activity area.

Rishab’s joureny is shown, how he entered as wild card entrant, how he said that he is dog, how he commented on Rochelle in pool, how he made Kishwar doggy, how he had fights with Prince then he mild down, how he was made to run for his bag by Prince and Rochelle. How he became fool in kabaddi game, how he lost immunity task by putting his feet down on floor himself. After clip, Bigg boss says that you came in house but didnt become storm, you became mere joke for inmates, you have less confidence? or are you afraid? you have to find answers to these, Rishab thanks him and leaves.
Rishab comes in lounge, all ask him but he says don is back.

Rochelle ask Suyyash if Rishab told him anything? Suyyash says he will Priya only.
Priya is talking to Rishab and says Rochelle is inclined towards Kishwar’s group, i dont want to be part of that group, i want you and me to be in finals as we have ability. Rishab says i will have my fight now.

She comes in activity area, her journey with Keith is shown, how she fought with Mandana many times for Keith, how Mandana said to Keith that Rochelle is not smart, Rochelle cries seeing Keith in clip, Keith’s exit is show in clip, their moments are shown in show, then how Rochelle played without Keith in house, how she picked fights, how Rimi said that she has shown that she is strong without Keith too. Then how she b***ced about Mandana for task and had to face Mandana’s wrath, how Aman said while leaving that after Keith’s exit, Rochelle has become independent. After clip ends, Bigg boss says Miss India cant be dependent girl, you were mere Keith’s girlfriend in start but after his exit, you have come out more stronger, we hope you continue like this, she thanks and leaves.
Rochelle comes in lounge, Suyyash hugs her and consoles her.

clip plays, his journey is shown. How he became friends with Kishwar and Suyyash then how Karan Kundra and Kamya said that he is intimidated by Kishwar. how Kishwar and Suyyash were partial towards each other and sidelined Prince many times. after clip Bigg boss says that one first day you were denied by 4girls to make you their partner but you had self confidence, you were on other reality shows but audience wants to see what you are doing in this house, you are stuck between sister and brother, remember hero always stand out from others, Prince thanks him and comes out. Suyyash ask what what he was shown? Prince says nothing much.

her journey as Keith’s partner is shown, hoe inmates alleged her that she is selfish, how she kicked Kishwar in task, how she called Prince and Kishwar as goons, how she cried to leave house, how she became friends with Rochelle then how she had seen Rochelle b***cing when she was in secret room then how she cameback and said she will take revenge from Rocheele. After clip, Bigg boss says you dont know Hindi much but you dont hesitate to speak up, keep going like this.

Rishab talks to Prince, Rishab says i came as don but changed. Prince says my problem is i am stuck in group, i will go against them(Suyyash-Kishwar) in tasks, now we will play game with them, you irritate me in task and i will do same, we will play games with them now.

her journey is shown. How she was ruled by Kishwar, how she was said to be bore, how Kishwar nominated her without solid reason, how game was stopped due to Prince spraying on her face but Kishwar denied it, how Salman said that she is coming out as immature. After Clip, Bigg boss says that you know who is with you and who is not, you are not shown much in this journey and you you should find reason for it, Digi says thanks for showing, it was needed.
Digi comes to Priya and Rishab and says it was shown how Kishwar nominated me. Rochelle, Aman, Mandana used to say infront of me that i work alot but call me bore on my back.

her clip is shown, how she said that she is a man, how she fought with Rishab in doggy task. how she became captain, how she has fights with Mandana in rickshaw task, how Mandana kicked her and Kishwar asked for action against her, how Mandana nominated her saying that if villain is strong then it makes hero more stronger. how she had strong relationship with Suyyash and Prince throughout, Kishwar is in tears seeing all this. Bigg boss says you are most strong contestant of this season, you do what you feel right, if there is one word for you then it is stubborn and you are stubbornness will take you forward, Kishwar says i am feeling motivated by seeing this, i will remain like this.

his journey is shown. How he didnt steal coins and told Kishwar his team plan, how he was alleged to be biased towards Kishwar. Then how he didnt take actions against Kishwar in tasks. How Shaleen said that Kishwar is ruling suyyash. How Aman said that Suyyash is female in Kishwar-Suyyash relation, how he never won any team task. Bigg boss says you are sportsman and singer but all are confused about you, you are just shadow but you dont have individuality, you still have time.

Priya says to Rishab that Prince Rochelle will form group while Suyyash Kishwar will be on one side, all other are individual.
Prince says to Mandana and Rochelle that i will fight with Suyyash and Kishwar in tasks, i want to be in against team with them, their reality has come out.

her journey is shown. How she wanted to leave house from the time she entered, how she denied doing tasks. How she cried when she got Ticket to finale, how because of her inmates lost their luxury budget, how she said Bigg boss irritates her, how she said that she wants to increase her bank balance only, how Rishab said that she has decoded how to win without doing anything. Bigg boss ask Rimi to leave.
Rimi comes in bedroom and says to inmates that i was looking funny in clip, they showed how all lost luxury budget because of me and i was laughing on that too, Digi says Rimi is that k,,

Salman says after seeing all this, there will be many changes in relationship except one, whose guarantee no one can take.
Prince says you said to me that see a girl is competing so much with you, Priya says it wasnt about gender, Priya says you took Mandana’s name ,,
Mandana says there is no friendship, do your tasks and nominations. Kishwar says the point
Prince says Priya you have become captain because of Prince, Priya says dont take credit of my win, Prince says you won because of me and Mandana, Priya says how can Mandana take credit, Mandana says dont make issue, you just wanna do fights, Rishab says to Mandana that you call yourself worst performer so dont say anything.

Bigg boss says to inmates that they have to rank themselves. All run to secure place, there are boxes placed in garden on which number is written. Priya and Kanwal are moderator of task Mandana secure place at 1st spot while Rochelle on 2nd spot, bigg bos ask inmates to stand inside box, there is cow dung inside box, Rimi stand in box on least number that is 8 while all other stand beside box not inside it, Rishab says Mandana is on 1st spot, she never complete any task, so i should get 1st spot, suyyash says Digi is on 5ht spot and i have got 6th spot that is not right, Digi says you were thinking where to stand so i stood on 5th spot, Prince says i give 100% to all tasks so i should get 1st spot and ask Kishwar about her 3rd spot, Kishwar says i am strong and do what i want but i have done mistakes which i will rectify now and will play nicely so i have taken third spot, Prince says if you feel you deserve 3rd spot then fine, Priya ask what Prince wants? he says i want to stand on third spot. Priya ask Rimi about 8th spot, she says i am worst in house so at least spot, Priya ask Suyyash why he is on 5th spot and Digi on 4th spot? Suyyash says she feels she is better than me, Digi says i dont get influenced like Suyyash gets. Kishwar says digi voice her opinion after things end, Rochelle is funny and witty so she is better than me, Rochelle says people thought i would breakdown without Keith but i came out more stronger but Mandana doesnt deserved to be on 1st spot as her personality is complex, Mandana says i voice my opinion so i want to be at 1st spot, Rishab asys i have never kicked anyone in house, i do all the tasks so i deserve to be at 1st spot, also Rochelle doest b***cing about others behind their back so she doesnt deserve to be at 2nd spot. Bigg boss says to Priya and Kanwal that they have seen inmates as audience so bigg boss is giving them opportunity to rank inmates from best to worst according. (Priya and Kanwal’s ranking will be shown tomorrow).

Keith comes in confession room, Bigg boss welcomes him, Keith says i am happy to be here, its time to get back to work. Rochelle comes in confession room and finds Keith there, she hugs him tightly.

Salman says i am coming on Sunday and Monday with 20lacs and who this is for, we will see that.

PRECAP– Varun Dhawan and her costar from upcoming movie Dilwale. Salman enacts scene from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.



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