Home TV Bigg Boss 9 Written Update 26 November 2015, BB9 Written Episode

Bigg Boss 9 Written Update 26 November 2015, BB9 Written Episode

Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode 26th November  2015- Day 46 Episode Update

Day 46


Happy birthday song plays, inmates wake up and dances together.


Priya comes to Rochelle who is sad, Priya ask Rochelle what happened to her? Rochelle says Keith didnt send any wishes to me, Priya says he cant send anything, you must think that he must be in problem to not send anything to you, Rochelle says what problem is that he cant even send letter to me, i am thinking about his problem, Priya says he is in problem but will be fine, dont worry, come and have breakfast, she leaves, Rochelle cries thinking about Keith, she wipes her tears, Suyyash comes there and ask what happened? Rochelle says Priya knows what happened to Keith but didnt tell me, she was outside when Keith left house, Suyyash says who is she to know about Keith, Rochelle says she was following Bigg boss, she knows but isnt telling me, suyyash says she is taking advantage of your situation, she wont tell you anything but will hurt you, she can tell me and Kishwar anything but we wont react,

Mandana says to suyyash and Rochelle that Priya have studied everyone here, she knows who is friend and who are foes, she is playing mind games and hitting the loose ends for everyone, Suyyash says she tried to manipulate Rishab first as she knew that Rishab is weakest link and isnt part of any group so she manipulated his friendship, Mandana says Rishab is like puppy, he just start following everyone who manipulate them, Rochelle says Rishab is a tail, Mandana says yesterday Rishab called me stupid, Rochelle says he said to me and Mandana that we should stand up against suyyash, Kishwar and Prinnce, i said how much stand should we take and we cat have forced fights, Mandana says we should not trust people coming from outside.

Rishab comes to Rimi and says you are playing game, you dont wanna leave, Rimi says i swear i wanna leave, Rishab says i know you every well, you didnt fight, you didnt play any game, you didnt became target for anyone, you said no to all tasks as you knew it doesnt matter much to your stay in house, you played game really well, you said no tasks which was of not much importance, you have actually decoded how to win bigg boss without doing anything, Rimi says thanks to you, Bigg boss have got footage of mine for today, i wont forgive you for this, Rishab says i am telling you truth.

Suyyash says to Priya that i told Kanwaljeet that Priya went to Big brother and represented India, he should not taunt her, Priya says he is representing gay community here too so i was happy to see him here, Suyyash says Kanwaljeet told me that he was married and got divorced one and half month back, he told me that he was contradicting to tell people about his reality of being gay as people will misjudge him, he then called his family and wife, then they accepted him, Priya says exactly, people got to know about his reality after much time so they must have reacted and taunted him, he must have learned from that even then he is taunting me about being australian and all.

Kanwal comes to Priya and says i wanna give you hug, he hugs her and says i am sorry, he says Suyyash is sweetest guy, Priya says now your apology seem genuine, he was telling me about your life, i know you must have difficult life, you are different from others (gay) so people would have bad behavior with you so i was thinking how can you treat me like this when you have gone yourself with all this.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we are going to give a task, the winner of task will get immunity for next two weeks and will also become captain and will also get some authority, Digangana is not well so she wont be part of task, the two worst inmates of Rimi’s team in BB dairy task will not be part of this task, he ask Rimi’s team to give two names from her team who were worst in task.

Rimi’s team come in garden, Mandana says i feel Rimi was worst and also i dont want to be part of immunity task, i am not feeling well here, Priya gives Rimi’s name and says Suyyash trusted Prince which hurt our team in task, Rimi says i will take my name as worst first as i played in friendly way, secondly i think Priya worked less than Suyyash and Mandana, Priya says how you feel so? Rimi says my personal choice is Priya as worst but if Mandana doesnt want to be part of next task so i can take her name, Suyyash says we lost few things because of my trust too, Priya says if you are pointing out your mistake so i can give your name as worst too.

Rimi says to Bigg boss and says i wanna give names of worst contestants, i wanna give my name first as i didnt play to win, secondly i give Mandana’s name as she doesnt want immunity and also she was slow in packaging packets, Bigg boss says Digi, Rimi and Mandana will not be part of captaincy task.

In lounge, Suyyash says to Priya that why did you change your decision when we were deciding worst contestants? Rochelle says Suyyash and Mandana were not pointing fingers at others, they told me how they took their name for being worst in task, Priya says you dont know whole thing that happened outside, Rochelle says Suyyash and Mandana told me everything, why you are interrupting. in bedroom, rishab sees them having argument and says to himself that people are very insecure here, if you are right then you should clear your point and move from there but here 7 people (pointing Mandana, Rochelle, Suyyash) are arguing against one person (Priya) show how insecure they are, i wont go in that argument.

Priya says cant i join any conversation? you guys dont know what happened in garden, Rochelle says Suyyash and Mandana were telling me everything what happened in garden, Priya says you dont know whole conversation, Rochelle says you are taking things to other level, Priya says you told me why i am coming in your conversation, i came here to just tell you what happened in garden, Rochelle says but i was talking to my friends, Suyyash says she was asking us, Piya says i am not talking to you but Rochelle, Suyyash says she wont talk to you, you wanna show how stubborn you are? now i will show you stubbornness, Priya tries to talk to Rochelle but Rochelle doesnt respond to her, Suyyash says she wont talk to you, Priya says i am just clearing things, you are misinterpreting things, Rochelle leaves from there, Priya leaves from there too.

Diganganasays why suyyash is targeting Priya. Priya comes in bedroom, and cries, Diganganaask her to not cry, Priya says i have been ganged up by others, Rishab says leave them, Diganganasays they didnt want you do captaincy and now you are doing so they are insecure, Priya says they dont want me to get immunity, Rishab says they are fighting with you as you have studied them and also you conducted nominations and they poured their heart out to you, Priya says they dont realize what they are doing, audience is divided in two teams, some must be with me and some must be against me in audience. Digi says if Rochelle is not able to clear her point then she burst like pressure cooker, you just have to jerk her little and she will burst out easily.

Rochelle says i dont understand why she is coming in every conversation, Prince says Rishab is consoling Priya inside, Madnana says let him be. Kishwar says Priya is trying to act like victim, if 7 8 people are arguing against one person then she will come out as Victim, dont let her play victim card, dont give her importance, everyone agrees.

Bigg Boss announces the new captaincy/immunity task. All housemates need to secure pace inside a car and be stationed there. The one who survives till the end will be declared as the winner. Rimi, Digi and Mandana will not be part of task, neither they can help other inmates in task, Mandana will be moderator of task.

Buzzer plays, everyone runs to get place in car. Prince and Rochelle secure place at front seats. Kishwar, Suyyash, Priya, Rishab sits at backseat of car. Kanwal comes and ask if he can come in car? all say you are late, he leaves.


Rishab opens car’s door, Suyyash tries to push him outside, Rishabh’s one foot is outside car, Prince says you are out of task, Rishabh says call moderator of task for decision, Suyyash calls Mandana, Mandana comes and ask rishab to close to door, Rishab says i wont close it, Mandana says you cant open door, Rishabh says listen to my point, Mandana says first close door, Rishab gets angry and says you are stupid, i wont talk to her, Suyyash says dont be angry, Suyyash says he opened door, i pushed him out so his foot touched floor, Mandana closes door and says game is simple, if you foot touches ground then you will be out, we can help you, Rishab says someone else would have been moderator, Mandana says i was not here so tell me everything what happened here, Rishab says i opened door, Suyyash pushed me out so my foot slipped, he puts his foot on ground to show how it happened, Mandana says you have again put your hand on floor you are out of task now, Rishab says i was just demonstrating how things happened here, Rishab comes out of car and points his fingers at Mandana (laanat), Mandana says to Rishab that i knew you would get so excited to tell me things that you would put your foot outside thats why i was asking you to close door but you didnt listen to me, Rishab bangs his head on car.


Kanwal brings fruits and ice tea and says to inmates in car that i am enjoying all this alone as you people didnt take me for drive.

Priya says to Suyyash and Kishwar that its not allowed to push someone outside car(like suyyash tried with Rishab), Kishwar says you are sacred that we will push you out, Suyyash says you are clearing this as its in your head that we will push you out, Priya says i am clarifying that its not allowed, Suyyash says we didnt ask your clarity, Kishwar says we are here from 7weeks, we know whats allowed and whats not, Priya says i have come in house after seeing everything, suyyash says even after seeing everything, you dont understand tasks, Priya says you whole team is not understanding tasks from start, Kishwar says even you are not understanding any task, what did you do after understanding Diary task? Prince says you lost BB dairy task easily, you just understood task but couldnt win, Kishwar says i dont need to explain anyone, Priya says i am not asking you to explain, Suyyash says Priya doesnt have mind, just picking fights for attention as she is new, Kishwar says Priya wants to act like victim, dont give her attention, Kishwar says you have verbal diarrhea, Priya says you dont know what people think about you, they call you all goons, bullies, Kishwar says i dont care, Priya says you have verbal and mental diarrhea, this shows your character, Kishwar says i dont care.

Kanwal is in pool and has lighten candles, Rochelle ask him to blow it as its getting wasted but Kanwal says i want to light it. Priya says to Prince that i have to pee, what should i do, Kishwar ask Suyyash to look otherside, Prince says i should not get to listen you peeing, Priya hides behind seat and pees in bottle, all look other way and are disgusted, Prince jokes that i am getting smell, Priya ask him to not make her laugh, Suyyash says help me, save me, they all have a laugh on Priya.


Suyyash is not feeling well, he has chest pain, Kishwar ask him to go, she ask should she come with him? he says no you wont come with me, Priya says if you are having pain then leave, Suyyash says Bigg boss i need doctor, he leaves car and goes in house, Bigg boss calls Suyyash in confession room.


Kanwaljeet says Rochelle need to stop snapping, i was lighting candles but she kept asking me blow it why? she asked you to tell me, i didnt know she is Miss India, she has nothing of Miss India, no height, no figure, i didnt know Miss India’s caliber has gone down this much, suyyash says dont say all this, if you dont like her talks then just ignore it, Kanwaljeet says but she is snapping at me for everything and it miffs me.


Suyyash reads instructions from bigg boss that captaincy task will go in second stage. Inmates who are outside car can irritate inmates sitting in car whom they dont want to win. Kishar brings a polythene bag in which there is filth, she throws it near Priya’s seat inside car. Priya says this is disgusting, Kishwar says if you can throw pee on my face then cant i throw filth near you? Later Rishab tries to pull seatbelt of Rochelle from outside, Rochelle says you are strangling me, Prince holds Rochelle’s hands and twist it. Rochelle screams in pain, Mandana ask Rishab to stop pulling her belt but he doesnt listen. Later Bigg boss says to inmates that whoever wants to leave house can leave it right now, gates of house are opened, all are tensed.



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