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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Chanakya stops Sushim from being the King of Magdh

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Latest News, Gossips, Spoilers, Written Episode, 21 May 2015

Devi Dharma reveals to Ashoka that his father in Patliputra

The current track of Color’s Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat shows that King Bindusara decides to make Sushim his next heir as the King of Magdh.

However,  Chanakya arrives at the Royal court along with Siamak and Ashoka to talk to King Bindusara about his decision.

Chankaya tells King Bindusara that he should not hurry while King Bindusara says that this is the right time to decide.

Chanakya asks Bindusara should we give importance to time or to safety of Magdh?

Bindusara asks if he doubts his decision. Chanakya tells him that he has just come to remind himthat one more son who deserve to be heir of Magdh and every one all know about his intelligence, strength and good heart.

Devi Dharma panics as she thinks Chanakya will reveal Bindusara about Ashoka being his son.

King Bindusara asks Chanakya why he thinks that Sushim is not capable of being a King? Chanakya says King is pillar of power of country and he should have justice, humanity, valor, bravery, broad thinking, patience and quality to keep people united

He further adds that Sushim does not have all of these qualities at this time and without these qualities, it will be difficult for Sushim to maintain respect of throne.

Sushim attacks Chankaya with the Sword

Hence he requests king Bindusara to re consider his decision whether Sushim or Siamak should be the next king of Magdh.

Devi Dharma is relieved that Chanakya did not reveal Ashok’s truth to Bindusara.

Sushim gets furious with Chanakya and tells him that he won the Patliputra over Siamak and he deserves to be the King.

Chanakya tells him that Siamak lost because he got injured and only he can tell how he got wounds, if he would have not injured then he would have won, he tried to be in competition even after.

Also, a common kid like Ashok showed such good performance that he surprised all, these wounds have taken Siamak’s win but these wounds can never take goodness from him, ignoring these kids is like ignoring Magdh and also injustice to Magdh.

Queen Noor agrees with Chanakya and requests Bindusara that her son should get another chance. Justin also supports her.

Queen Charumitra too gets furious and says just because her son didnt get injured he cannot loose this chance.

Sushim feels insulted and loses his control. He puts Royal sword on Chanakya’s neck and yells at him to stop him from being the king.

King Bindusara  gets angry on Sushim  and slaps him. The Royal sword falls from Sushim hands but Ashok holds it in time.

Bindusaara yells at Sushim and tells him how he could dare to put a sword on Chanakya. If he cant control his anger, he is not fir to be the King. He adds that his father Chandragupt used to put this sword in Chanakya’s feet before raising it in war and how could he raise it on Chanakya?

Bindusar says that he has lost right to be the next King.

Sushim takes sword, looks at Chanakya angrily and puts sword in his feet, he says forgive me.

Bindu says taking sword fom you is not enough, you deserve a punishment and Chanakya will decide, he ask Sushim to leaves.

Sushim goes back to his room and starts breaking things and burns his clothes. Charu comes and puts off the fire.

Later, she slaps him hard and Sushim cries and hugs her.

Charu pushes him away and tells him not to be coward and cry with his failure. She also vows to take revenge from Chanakya and insult him in the Royal court just like he insulted her son Sushim.

In the upcoming episode it is seen that Chanakya tells to Bindusara that we should start finding deserving heir to Maurya Empire.

King Bindusara thinks of making Ashoka the Senapati of Magdh. Ashoka is shocked to hear this but Chanaya reminds him that by accepting this position he can ensure the safety of his mother.

Aslo later, Devi Dharma will try to stop Ashoka who want to leave Patliputra by revealing to him that his father in in Patliputra.

Will Ashoka find out King Bindusara is his father?

Stay tuned for latest updates from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.


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