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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Latest: Ashoka to fight with a tiger to get to Chandragupta Maurya’s sword

Ashoka and Sushim compete in the final phase of Patliputra Mahayodha Competition “Maze Hunt” where they have to find the sword.

Written Epsiode (Update) 13 May 2015

The current track of Color’s Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat shows that after giving up in the competition, Simak returns to King Bindusara’s palace to meet hiss mother Noor.

Noor is upset with him as Siamak gave up in the competition and she feels ashamed as other sons of King Bindusara now will get a chance to become the next king of Magadh. She pushes him away and Khurasan witness this. He reprimands her for her behaviour and blames her for Siamak’s loss.

Kurasn tells her that she was never a good wife to Binndusara and now has failed as a mother. He is ashamed of her as now hiss dreams too have destroyed.

Later, Vrahmir (dwarf man) who is made unconscious by Chanakya and Radhgupt regains consciousness and finds Chanakya in front of him. Chankaya tells him to reveal what is the secret behind place at Justin and Agnishikha’s new place construction site.

Vrahmir reveals that its a royal palace where Ukkain’s King Rajajiraj is making his army strong with some secret tunnels in it. He does not reveal entire plan of Devi Helena and her father who have planned to kill the entire Maurya family on Justin and Agnishika’s wedding day.

Later, Chankaya throws Vrahmir in a dry well and closes him inside it.

Meanwhile Acharya Shrist infroms Ashoka and Sushim about the final phase of the Patliputra competition where they have to go through a Maze and find Chandragupta Maurya’s sword and come out of it safe.

The way through the Maze is not easy to crack as it is designed by Chanakya himself. He also informs that Subaho too will be joining them. Sushim is shocked that Subhao didn’t quit from competition despite of his warning.

Ashoka and Sushim begin with the race while Subaho will join them later.

Ashoka struggles through the maze and decides to leave some marks on his path to figure out a way, but in such a way that Sushim doesnot understand his trail.

However, Ashoka still gets lost but later remembers his mother Devi Dharma’s word of staying calm. He again start marking statues through the maze to find way to sword. Sushim plays it smart and follows Ashoka’s foosteps.

Ashoka finds the sword in the middle of the maze, but thinks that there is some trick as Chanakya would not have made such an easy maze. Sushim reaches there and he tells Ashoka that he will kill him first and then get the sword and win the competition.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Ashoka will have to fight with a Tiger before he gets the sword and wins the Patliputra Mahayodha Competition.




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