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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Latest: Bindusara shocked to see Devi Dharma

Written episode (Update) 03 June 2015

The current track of Colors’ Chakaravartin Ashoka Samrat shows that Devi Dharma does ritual of fast and prays to the God to protect Bindusara who is surrounded by enemies from all the sides.

She also decides that all this while she kept the fast alone but now she wants to seek blessing from her husband Bindusara to complete her fast.

Meanwhile Siamak, Sushim and Ashok are trained by Aakramak for title of Senapati, just then Radhgupt is informed about something and leaves them.

Ashoka finds out Radhgupt is tensed and follows him. Both Radhgupt and Ashoka are shocked to see that Varamir (Devi Helena’s secret dwarf man) managed to escape from Chankya’s private Chambers, killing all their men.

Radhagupt tells Ashoka that Chanakya had found out enemies plans against Magh Empire and that is why Chanakya has been either kidnapped or killed. Ashoka tells Radhagupt that King Bindusara should be informed.

Later, Dharma over hears Bindusara queens Noor, Charumitra and Subhrasi arguing among themselves about who is more close to Bindusara’s heart. All of them realise that none of them got the privilege to be with Bindusara on the night of Shivratri and wonder who it could be.

Devi Dharma recalls Bindusara showing her in the past her own idol ad saying that Devi Dharma is his most loved queen.

Soon, in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Devi Dharma is lighting diya to break her fast and King Bindusara who is passing by that place sees her from the back and is shocked!

Did Bindusara finally find out Devi Dharma is alive? Will Bindusara and Devi Dharma finally meet and be together?

What happened to Chanakya? Will Ashoka find out about his father? Will Devi Helena succeed in her plan to destroy the entire Magdh Empire?

Stay tuned!


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