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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Latest: Sushim attacks Ashoka with poisonous arrow

Final Phase of Patliputra Mahayodha Compeition Begins – Sushim team’s against Siamak-Ashoka’s team

Latest news, Gossips, Written Episode 04 May, 2015

Today’s episode of Color’s Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat starts with Queen Chrumitra and Roop tell their respective sons Sushim and Siamk to win the Patliputra Mahayodha Compeition at any cost.

As per Charumitra’s instructions Mahamatya tries to brainwash King Bindusara against Ashoka and convince that Sushim is the ideal son to take over the throne.

He tells King Bindusara that though he is a brave and strong person but he always breaks rules of the Kingdom or Royal school.

Just then Chanakya comes there and taunts Mahamatya that Ashoka has silently taken all the punishments which proves his credibility and only time will tell his worth when he wins the race.

Later Chanakya tells Radhgupt that if Ashoka wins then he will have to inform King Bindusara that Ashoka is his own son from Devi Dharma.

He is also worried about the dwarf man Varamir he spotted at the construction site of Justin and Agnishikha’s new palace as long time back a Varamir was called for a secret task to steal wealth of the Maurya empire.

Chankaya is convinced that there is a big conspiracy going on against Magadh (Maurya Empire).

Meanwhile, Justin gets furious to find out secret tunnel created under his newly constructed palace and questions Ujjain’s King Rajajiraj. Things get heated up and Rajajiraj points sword on Justin.

Devi Helena stops them. Devi Helena tells Justin that the secret tunnel is for Justin and Agnishika’s safety as there’s always some conspiracy against royal people.

Justin is still not convinced and King Rajiraj is worried that they could be in danger with just one mistake done by Justin.

The last race of the Patliputra Mahayodha beginss where Aakramak informs the students about rules of the sace

Sushim team will compete against Siamak-Ashoka’s team. In the first phase of the final race, the two teams have to run 3 miles away to a point  and collect all the essential food items for survival.

However, Simak’s team member Ashoka has to start one hour late in the race.

As soon as the race starts Simak and other students get stuck in mud puddle. One student gets stuck and Sushim refuses to help him as he is a competitor in the race.

Akaraka stops Ashoka who tries to go ahead and help the student , as he cannot go ahead with the race unless he covers one hours penalty time. Ashoka asks for forgiveness and goes ahead to save the student.

Ashoka manage to save the student but gets stuck himself in the mud puddle. Akramak asks Ashoka why he helped the student. Ashoka says that he chose life over winning. Akramak is impressed and gets him out of the mud puddle to let him get started with the race along with the others.

Sushim’s teams reaches first at the first phase of the competition and picks up all the food items necessary for their survival for the race and leave nothing for Siamak and his team.

Ashoka is determined to prove that he is true king of the jungle (Vanraj) and will win the race.

Now, in the upcoming episode, Sushim will once again try to stop Ashoka from winning the race using his evil tricks.

He will attack Ashoka with a poisonous arrow in the jungle as Ashoka is looking for food for his team mates.

Stay tuned to find out who wins Patliputra competition and becomes the Mahayodha of Patliputra.




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