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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Spoilers: Ashoka to find the secret place to new palace

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In the current track of Colors Chakaravartin Ashoka Samrat it is seen that Chanakya is kidnapped by Devi Helena’s men as he finds out from Varamir about Devi Helena’s plan to destroy the entire Maurya Royal family on the wedding day of Justin and Agni Shikha.

Chanakya’s associate Radhgupt and Ashoka are worried about Chanakya going missing and are trying their best to find about is whereabouts. Radhgupt tells Ashoka that Chanakya could have been kidnapped as he knew about enemy’s plan to destroy Magdh empire and they stopped him from informing King Bindusara.

Meanwhile, it is seen that Devi Dharma keeps a fast for the overall well being of King Bindusara along with his other queens. King Bindsara find out that is most beloved queen is alive. However, he nearly misses her.

Soon, in the upcoming episode it will be seen that King Bindusara will call all the Dasi’s (female helpers on the royal family) and check them one by one and will find out about Devi Dharma.

Later, furious Bindusara will go to Khurasan and hold a sword on his neck for lying to him all these years that Devi Dharma was dead. He tells her that knows the truth that Dharma is alive.

At the same time, Ashoka will then begin his search for Chanakya and will reach a place where Chanakya was kidnapped.

He will find a map at the place and with the help of Vasunandhan and Subahu, and he will learn that there is a secret way which heads towards a brand new palace.

Apart from this, Devi Helena has already planned to kill Ashoka in a mysterious way by engaging him with a small task to collect water in a pot from a river side, where she might execute her plan to kill him.

Will Chankaya and Ashoka manage to expose Devi Helena’s plan?

Stay tuned for latest updates from Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.




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