Home TV Chandra Nandini 03 November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Chandra Nandini 03 November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 03rd November 2017, Chandra Nandini Written Episode

Today’s (03.11.2017) Chandra Nandini episode starts with Nandini tells Bindusar that she is telling him the truth. Bindusar says he cannot believe her. Helena comes there and says that Nandini is telling the truth. Bindusar ask Helena why she has blood on her face.

Helena says that Chandra killed Mohini in front of her. Helena says that Chandra is acting very weird. Bindusar admits that Bheemdev is inside Chandra’s body. Bindusar says that he will go and stop Chandra from destruction. Nandini says that Chanakya has given her a medicine and if they give this medicine to Chandra then Bheemdev’s soul will become weak. Nandini says that she will do this task of giving this medicine to Bheemdev/Chandra. Nandini asks everyone else to sleep but Bindusar says that he will remain awake and will stay outside her room to protect her.
Helena and Dharma say that they too will help her. Later, Nandini sees Chandra sleeping and thinks to give him the medicine. Nandini tries to prick the medicine but Chandra suddenly wakes up and acts very aggressive. Chandra talks in Bheemdev and Mohini’s voice. Chandra starts beating himself. Nandini calls out to Dharma and Bindusar and ask them to control Chandra. Bindusar pins down Chandra and Nandini injects the medicine. Chandra goes unconscious and Nandini ask to tie him up. Nandini reveals that both Mohini and Bheemdev have possessed Chandra’s body and they are fighting with each other.

Saunand reads the letter and tells Amatya that Bheemdev has declared himself the king of Magadh. Amatya gets angry but Saunand says that Bheemdev has done a big favor on him as he can defeat Bheemdev very easily. Saunand says this is the right time to attack Magadh.

Nandini prays to God to make Chandra well soon. Chandra wakes up and asks Nandini why has she tied him up. Chandra tells Nandini that she will punish Mohini for trying to kill her. Chandra requests Nandini to open him up. Nandini is confused whether this is Chandra or whether this is the evil soul trying to fool her. Chandra asks Nandini why is she torturing him although he loves her so much. Chandra asks Nandini to hug him to know his love. Nandini places her head on his chest and has tears in her eyes. Chandra asks Nandini why has she tied him up and asks her whether she wants to leave her. Nandini promises that she will never leave him. Chandra cries saying that he will die without her. Nandini says she cannot see him suffering and she opens the ropes tying him down. Nandini tells Chandra she loves him a lot. Chandra suddenly chokes Nandini and tells her that he will not spare her. Chandra starts killing all the soldiers. Nandini tells Bindusar that Mohini is inside Chandra’s body. Bindusar asks Chandra to stop but Chandra starts attacking him. Bindusar and Chandra have sword fight. Chandra hurts Bindusar and goes ahead. Chanakya comes in front of Chandra. Chandra tries to attack Chanakya but he throws a powder on him. Chandra collapses on the ground. Later, Nandini informs Chanakya that both Mohini and Bheemdev have possessed Chandra’s body. Chanakya tells Nandini that he has met a baba who has said that he will use all five elements of the world to end this problem and along with this, they also need love element. Chanakya says that the baba has said that someone who loves Chandra has to sacrifice his life to save Chandra. Nandini thinks how to solve this problem and she realizes the solution. Nandini tells Chanakya that solution. Chanakya tells Nandini that she is putting her own life in danger and Nandini says she is ready for this.


Nandini tells Bindusar that Helen has been feeding him poison since childhood. Bindusra says his mother cannot do this. Bindusar stabs Helena and Chandra runs to Helena and takes her in his arms. 

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