Home TV Chandra Nandini Written Episode 02nd August 2017, Written Update

Chandra Nandini Written Episode 02nd August 2017, Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 02nd August 2017 Written Update, Chandra Nandini 02 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini 02.08.2017 episode starts with Chandra tries to kiss Nandini, Nandini hugs Chandra. Malti comes there and Chandra and Nandini get embarrassed. Chandra and Nandini sit on throne and the celebrations begin. Dadi sees that Nandini’s earring is stuck on Chandra’s clothes.

Chandra and Nandini notice people are laughing at them. Nandini sees the earring and tries to grab it but Chandra stops her and says they will romance later. Malti tells Chandra about Nandini’s earring being stuck on his clothes. Chandra gets presented with a Lord Krishna portrait by a guest. All family members give gifts to them one by one. Chandra notices that Bindusar has not come yet come and thinks that he will give the best gift. Bindusar is searching for his gift but he comes across a letter in Durdhara’s handwriting where she has written that Nandini wants to kill her.

Bindusar reads that Durdhara has written that Nandini is making her drink poison. Bindusar reads all the letters and gets shocked. Helena sees this and gets happy thinking that her plan worked. Bindusar cries reading Durdhara’s bitter words against Nandini accusing her of wanting to kill her. Bindusar thinks that he will take revenge from Nandini for all the pain that Durdhara has gone through. Bindusar leaves and Helena takes away the letters from there. Nandini worries for Bindusar. Bindusar finally enters angrily.

Nandini looks at Bindusar happily and asks him to give her gift. Bindusar asks Nandini whether she was his mother’s sautan. Nandini and Chandra are shocked by his question. Bindusar asks whether Nandini has killed his mother. Chandra yells at Bindusar. Bindusar demands for an answer from Chandra and claims that Nandini has killed his mother. Chandra walks angrily towards Bindusar and slaps him and Bindusar falls to the ground. Helena runs to pick up Bindusar and scolds Chandra. Bindusar throws his gift at Nandini’s feet. Nandini cries seeing the tamarind plant. Bindusar leaves and Nandini says she will go to him. Bindusar thinks angrily about his mother’s letters and Chandra’s slap. Nandini thinks that she cannot let Bindusar think she has killed Durdhara. Bindusar sets fire to Chandra and Nandini’s portrait. Chandra and Nandini enter there and are shocked seeing this. Nandini stops Chandra from slapping Bindusar and Bindusar says he has got all answers of his questions. Nandini breaks down and Chandra says he needs to find out how Bindusar has come to know about all these things. Moora scolds Chandra for slapping Bindusar in front of all guests. Moora taunts Chandra for treating Bindusar this way because of Nandini. Moora says that earlier too, Chandra had chosen Nandini over her and now he is choosing Nandini over Bindusar. Nandini tries to talk to Bindusar and explain that she did not kill Durdhara. Bindusar refuses to believe her and says he has proof against her. Bindusar takes Nandini to the box where he had found the letters. Bindusra is not able to find the letters and gets angry thinking that Nandini has hidden the letters. Bindusar goes away angrily and Nandini cries remembering Durdhara.

Chandra Nandini 03rd August 2017 Precap

Years pass by, Bindusara has grown up andis  the new king of Magadh.


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