Chandra Nandini Written Episode 07 March 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini Written Update 07th March 2017 Chandra Nandini 07.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini 07 March 2017 episode starts with Chandra is worried and Roopa asks Chandra why he is so tensed. Chandra tells Roopa about Nand’s letter saying that Nand will kill Chanakya’s daughter if Nandini does not come to him. Roopa gets happy hearing this ands says that she will go to Nand.

Chandra says that he will go along with her. Roopa thinks that she will not spare Nand and will seek her revenge from him. Roopa tells Sunanda that she has finally found Nand and she will seek revenge from him. Roopa asks Sunanda to give her a special tool to kill Nand. Durdhara comes to meet Roopa and Roopa quickly hides the tool. Durdhara makes Roopa drink a medicine as she can see the ghost. Roopa has to drink it unwillingly.
Chandra tells Chanakya that Nandini has agreed to meet Nand. Nandini is waiting for Chandra and Sunanda suddenly comes there and thinks it is Roopa. Sunanda mentions Roopa is Nand’s daughter and Nandini gets shocked hearing this as she realizes that Roopa is her sister. Sunanda tells Nandini that Chandra is playing some trick and she should not go to meet Nand as Chandra may try to trap her. Nandini thinks why Chandra lied to her about Roopa being her sister.

Roopa thinks she will kill Nand and stares at the knife. Roopa meets Chandra and tells him that she wants to meet Nand alone and Chandra agrees for it. Chandra thinks that once Nand’s chapter is over then he will teach a lesson to Roopa.  Nandini thinks she will meet Chandra and clarify about him lying to her. Nandini realizes that Chandra and Roopa have already left to meet Nand. Nandini finds the letter which Nand wrote to Chandra. Nandini thinks that Chandra used her and betrayed her to find Nand. Nandini thinks that she will tell Nand all the truth about Chandra’s planning. Nandini cries thinking about all her past moments with Chandra. Nandini thinks that Chandra was just doing a love drama with her as Chandra only wanted to seek revenge from her father. Chandra is on his way with Roopa and thinks that he is sorry for hiding truth from Nandini. Chandra thinks that Nandini will soon come to know the reality of her father. Chanakya looks for Nandini and finds her missing in her room. Nandini thinks she has come to know Chandra’s reality. Chandra thinks all misunderstandings between her and Nandini will get over.  Nandini reaches Nand and they hug each other. Nand suddenly stabs Nandini and calls her Roopa. Nand says that he knows she had come to kill him. Nand reveals about how he had wanted to kill Roopa when she took birth. Nand stabs Nandini several times. On the other hand, Chandra and Roopa reach the cave where Nand is hiding. Roopa goes to meet Nand alone and Chandra waits for her. Chandra sees Nand’s men escaping with Chanakya’s daughter. Nand reveals about all his past cruelties and Nandini is shocked hearing this. Nand also reveals that he had killed Chandra’s father and tortured his mother. Roopa comes from behind and stabs Nand. Nand is shocked realizing that he killed his own daughter thinking her to be Roopa.

Precap: Nand takes Nandini on his horse but she rolls of and falls on the ground. Nand cannot find Nandini and Chandra too searches for her.

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