Home TV Chandra Nandini Written Episode 9 May 2017 Written Update

Chandra Nandini Written Episode 9 May 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 09th May 2017 Written Update, Chandra Nandini 09.05.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Chandra Nandini 09 May 2017 Written episode starts with Nandini feels sad seeing Chandra giving so much importance to Vishaka in the ceremony. Nandini tells Dadi that she does not like how Vishaka has come close to Chandra. Dadi tells Nandini that she still loves Chandra and Nandini admits it is true. 

However, Nandini feels that the trust between them has shaken up. The soldier enters into Chandra’s room with a knife but does not find him there. Suddenly, the soldier comes face to face with Nandini and Nandini comes to know that he plans to kill Chandra. Nandini takes a sword and attacks the soldier. The soldier is unharmed and instead he strikes Nandini with his knife. Nandini is badly injured but she continues to fight with the soldier. A poor beggar reaches the ceremony and requests to meet Chandra.

The beggar says he wants to give a gift to Bindusar. The beggar turns out to be Chanakya who gives some signs to Chandra to reveal his identity. Chandra understands it is Chanakya and thinks some big trouble is around.  Nandini continues fighting with the soldier and finally the soldier hurts Nandini badly and he leaves from there. Nand thinks that they will finally come to know whether Chanakya is on their side or not. The minister is sure Chanakya is fooling them. 

Chanakya secretly gives a warning to Chandra about and sending a soldier to kill him. The soldier sees them. Chanakya pretends to steal something and a big ruckus gets created.  Chanakya tells the soldier to attack Chandra as he does not want him to doubt his intentions. Nandini is badly wounded but gets up to warn Chandra. Nandini falls many times on her away and finally she sees Vishaka. Nandini asks Vishaka to warn Chandra as a soldier has come to kill him. Vishaka reaches just in time as the soldier is about to kill Chandra and she stabs the soldier. Vishaka tells Chandra that Nandini had warned her about the soldier trying to kill him. Vishaka informs about Nandini being injured badly. The doctor tells Chandra that and the others that Nandini needs complete bed rest. Moora suggest that Vishaka can take care of Bindusar in Nandini’s absence. Moora thanks Vishaka for saving Chandra’s life and Vishaka says that it was her duty to do so. Helena also thanks Vishaka and Vishaka says she is happy to take care of Bindusar. Helena tells her mother that Nandini will not be able to stay any longer in the palace as Bindusar is getting closer to Vishaka. Apama tells Helena that Chandra should marry Vishaka. Helena gets angry and says that’s he is the only queen and she cannot let anyone else take her place. Apama says that this is the best way for them to remove Nandini from the palace permanently. Apama says that they will use Vishaka as a pawn as she is very meek. Chandra thinks that he is confused whether Nandini is right or wrong.


Chandra asks Nandini how her arm got burnt and Nandini says that Vishaka was giving a medicine to Bindusar and it fell of her arms. 


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