Home TV Chandra Nandini Written Update 25th July 2017, Chandra Nandini Written Episode

Chandra Nandini Written Update 25th July 2017, Chandra Nandini Written Episode

Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini 25 July 2017 Written Episode, Chandra Nandini 25.07.2017 Written Update

Today’s Chandra Nandini 25th July 2017 episode starts with Nandini goes to Moora’s room to take Bindusar back. Moora tells her that she not take Bindusar as he is sleeping calmly. Nandini says she will come to take him later.  Moora tells her bluntly she is his grandma and she can take great care of Bindusar.

Nandini tells Moora that Bindusar is all the happiness in her life. Pandugrath comes there and Moora says that she won’t allow Nandini to meet Bindusar as long as her insane sibling is in the castle. Apama meets Malaya and educates him concerning Chandra given Abhay Daan to Pandugrath and requests that he information this data to make a fire in the royal residence. Chandra goes to the room and Nandini says that Bindusar is in Moora’s room. Chandra says he will go to get him back yet Nandini asks him not to.

Pandugrath thinks to utilize his toys as a weapon. Chandra recollects Chanakya’s words and gets some information about his story at the end of the day. Pandugrath says in regards to the medicines that got stolen. Chandra asks whether Chanakya told to him it. Pandugrath thinks that Chandra is testing him. He says that he saw a man taking the medicine from Chanakya’s room. He leaves Chandra’s room. Malay is following Pandugrath and tries to kill him from behind. Pandugrath sees his face. A servant sees Pandugrath and starts shouting. She informs Nandini. everybody. Chandra is shocked that how can someone attack Pandugrath amid such tight security.

Chanakya thinks that he will try to find out who will benefit from Pandugrath’s death. Chandra vows to find Pandugrath’s attacker. Nandini cries in front of Chandra saying she cannot protect her brother. Chandra and Nandini hug each other and Nandini asks Chandra to send Pandugrath away from the palace for his safety. Chandra says he cannot do this but he will find some solution. Malay comes to meet Apama and she scolds him for coming there. Malay says he wants to celebrate with her and wants her appreciation for doing such a big task. Apama says she is sure Chandra must be searching for the person who attacked Pandugrath. Apama asks Malay whether he had left any clue when he attacked Pandugrath. Malay remembers that Pandugrath had seen his face and gets worried. Chandra calls everyone in the courtroom in the middle of the night and says that he will not spare the one in the palace who tried to kill Pandugrath as he has given him Abhay Daan. Chanakya says that Pandugrath will not be harmed till he completely recovers. Chandra says he will not let anyone harm Pandugrath even after he gets better. Chanakya is shocked to hear this and asks Chandra whether he has forgotten the vow that he has taken to seek revenge. Chanakya tells Chandra that he has lost his track. Chandra apologizes to Chanakya and says he cannot break his promise. Chanakya says that it his duty to completely destroy Nand’s family in order to end his terror. Chanakya tells Chandra that he has become weak. Chandra tells Chanakya that he will have to kill him before he kills Pandugrath and Chanakya gets furious. Chanakya asks Chandra whether this is his final decision. Moora scolds Chandra as he has forgotten Nand’s tortures. Moora says he is doing all this because of Nandini. Chanakya says he is taking an oath that he will end Nand’s family. Chanakya says he cannot live in the palace anymore and he is giving up his position in the Kingdom.

Chandra Nandini 26th July 2017 Precap:

Apama says that Chandra and Chanakya have separated and now they have to create rift between Moora and Chandra.  Nandini asks Pandugrath whether he has seen the face of his attacker and Pandugrath says yes. Pandugrath points out to the person who attacked him.

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