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Dhai Kilo Prem latest news – Piyush tries to stop marriage with Deepika, gets drunk

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The ongoing track of Star Plus serial Dhai Kilo Prem has brought a big twist with Piyush (Meherzan Mazda) and Deepika’s (Anjali Anand) families meeting up to fix their marriage.

Deepika meets Piyush to express her love feelings for Piyush, but he misunderstands that Sarika loves him and has expressed her feelings via Deepika. Their communication between the two leads to confusion. Piyush agrees to be in love with Sarika, but Deepika thinks that Piyush loves her.

Now, in the upcoming episode of Dhai Kilo Prem, It will be seen that Piyush will be shocked to find out that his marriage has been fixed with Deepika. Piyush will be seen reaching Deepika’s place in drunk condition. Piyush will climb on the pipe and will try to talk to Deepika through her bedroom window. Deepika will be seen reading Romeo Juliet book and will be shocked to see Piyush. Deepika will wonder if she is dreaming about Piyush but will realize that Piyush is really present. Piyush will try to tell Deepika that he doesn’t love Deepika and that she should back off from the wedding. However, Piyush fails to complete his sentences and every time gets interrupted, which leads to Deepika’s misunderstanding that Piyush loves Deepika.

What will happen next? Will Piyush and Deepika get married? Will Deepika find out that Piyush is in love with her friend Sarika and not her?

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