Home TV Dhai Kilo Prem Written Episode 06 April 2017 Written Update

Dhai Kilo Prem Written Episode 06 April 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Dhai Kilo Prem 06th April 2017 Written Episode Dhai Kilo Prem 06.04.2017 Written Update

Today’s Dhai Kilo Prem 6 April 2017 episode starts with Deepu telling Mishra ji that she is going to attend the yoga classes behind Taj mahal for 4 days. Mishra ji asks her to do breakfast fast. Deepu’s brother makes her biodata and shows her Ragini. Ragini asks him to add more qualities and asks Deepu to make cooker cake today. Brother tells that he has cropped her pic and shows same to Ragini. Ragini says she will make Deepu lose weight. Deepu tells her that she will make cake after coming back and asks her to send her original pic and not the cropped one and leaves. 

Piyush comes to the Yoga class and see Sarika teaching the students. He is surprised to see that she is a yoga teacher. He says her hi and starts imagining dancing with her. Naina Me Sapna Plays while he imagines dancing with her. He is dancing while yoga class is going on. A woman asks him why is he dancing and asks him to do registration. Piyush pays her 36 Rs. Woman says fees is 3600 and asks him to bring money tomorrow.  

Deepu is having food. Sarika asks if her beauty sleep is over. Deepu says she is having starters and then will have main course and then will sleep. Sarika tells her that Ram Ji of Ram Leela came here. Deepu goes to meet him and enquires the woman. Woman says he left hearing about the fees. Deepu asks where did he go and searches for him. She hears a man talking to Raja and telling that he came from Bareilly. Deepu gets tensed and shocked hearing him and asks if he is the same man. The man is continuously laughing on the phone. Deepu gets scared and runs from there. Bareilli ke bazaar me plays………Deepu makes the things falls while she runs and sits down scared. Man comes to her and asks why she is shocked and scared. Deepu opens her eyes and thinks thank god, he is someone else. She says she is fine. Man goes.

Deepu cries. Her childhood appears infront of her and says you are coward and your fear will not leave you. Sarika comes to Deepu and asks if she is fine. Deepu tells that she saw someone there, but he was not the same man. She thinks she can’t tell anything to family members. Sarika tells Deepu that she is worried about her and asks her to share her worries. Deepu says he is alright and tells that she has to go home and make cooker cake for groom as marriage bureau woman wants to present it to groom’s family. Sarika asks about Ram. Deepu says she couldn’t meet him.

Piyush’s mum Madhuri comes to Janki’s house to give the stitched clothes. Deepika also comes there to meet Janki. Madhuri says she will go. Janki asks her to stay and goes to meet Deepu. She says you are beautiful. Deepu tells Janki that the pic which her mum gave her is cropped and asks her to give her original pic. She gives her pic and says she wants honesty in relationship and she wants them to see the original cake. She says whoever marries her, shall see her inner beauty and have relation by heart. She gives her cooker cake for groom’s family and also for Janki. Madhuri gets impressed with her and asks who is she? Janki says she is from Agra and gives her cake which Deepu gave for her. Madhuri takes it and goes.

Mishra ji and Ragini are in the kitchen. Mishra ji says she will make food in ghee. Ragini comes and says why phone is not connecting. Deepu says I have give cake with biodata and pic and if God wishes that guy might be eating that cake now. Piyush eats the cake and likes it. His sister tells that Mohini met her in the market and told that they are going to Vaishnav Devi. Madhuri says I will not go this year and says next year they will go after his marriage. She tells that a girl came there and gave cooker cake. His sister asks Madhuri to get him married to this cooker cake girl. Piyush says he will marry the girl who is special. His sister asks her to take his name. Piyush says he will be like Deepika Padukone and will be Agra’s angel. Madhuri asks him to tell. Piyush says we met her once and tells that the girl is special just like cake. Madhuri smiles. Piyush eats the cake. Dhhai Kilo Prem song plays………………………

Bau ji calls Tushar. Tushar thinks he has to give money to someone today and thinks he shall not go to school today. He keeps hot thermometer in his mouth to make an excuse.

Ragini asks Deepu to check her weight. Deepu says Pandit ji told that if I check weight again and again then it will increase. Ragini says Pandit ji asked to check weight every Thursday. Mishra ji asks her to let Deepu goes. Tushar comes and sits on dining table. Madhuri comes and checks his fever. She says you are fine. Piyush says he is making an excuse to skip school. Bau ji comes and says don’t know what he will do in life. He asks madhuri not to give food to them. Tushar says he is not hungry and goes to get ready. Bau ji asks Piyush to end his work and come to the shop. Piyush goes.

Tushar is having chole bature at a shop. Some goons catch him and ask to give money. He gives 60 Rs. He asks them to give sometime. Tushar offers to give discount on his shop. They tell that they will come in the evening and thinks to get gold from the golden laying eggs. Piyush is in the shop and asks salesman to talk to Bau ji and send him, as he has to go to yoga class. Salesman tells that we shall send Piyush to get masala. Bau ji says okay and asks Piyush to go. Piyush says he will meet Sarika now.

Deepu is sitting with her friends. Her friends ask her to fool the person who enters the gate now. Piyush comes. Deepu sees him and says Ram ji.

Deepu asks Piyush if he has done diet which he got on registration. Piyush says he will buy the product. Deepu says you have to do organ phisli ride. Piyush asks what? Bau ji scolds Piyush and asks if he closed the shop at night. Piyush says I asked Tushar to close the shop. Meanwhile the goons enter the shop to steal. Deepika puts the shutter down and shouts thieves have come. Piyush comes there.


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