Home TV Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 03 March 2017 DBO Written Update

Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 03 March 2017 DBO Written Update

Star Plus serial Dil Bole Oberoi 03rd March 2017 Written Episode Dil Bole Oberoi 03.03.2017 Written Update

Today’s Dil Bole Oberoi 03 March 2017 episode starts with Shwetlana says you can go. Om asks will you fire him from job for small thing. She says there is no place for him. Om says Chulbul will stay in my room. Some time before, Shwetlana knocks on the wooden wall and leaves. Om gets relieved and thinks you hide the secret, I will find it.

Gauri gets the courier box and keeps. The box falls down. Shwetlana says these three brothers think they are smart, Om was checking my room, I m sure they want to know about my past, I won’t let this happen, I got a servant after Om, so that I know their plan. Mrs. Kapoor asks how will servant know what Om talks and plans, how will Om keep him in his room. Shwetlana says he will keep, see how I make Om dance on my fingers.

She goes to her room and sees a pic. She says Om, you try hard, I will not let you reach my secret. Gauri sees herself in mirror and thinks of marriage. She says our fate is linked, but I will stay as Chulbul, I won’t become Gauri ever, I came to inlaws but mu dikhai will never happen, I have to work as I took advance from Shwetlana, I will keep an eye on her fiance. She switches off lights and goes. Someone comes there.

Gauri returns to room and sees lights on. She says I ave switched off lights, how did it light on own, maybe I forgot. She switches off lights and lies to sleep. Rats come out of the box and get on Gauri’s blanket to have laddoos. Gauri wakes up and screams seeing the rats. Shwetlana smiles and throws the box. She says laddoos and rats did their work.

Om applies ointment to his wound and thinks of Gauri. He hears Gauri screaming and comes out. Gauri shouts rats and runs. She hugs Om. Saathiya….plays……… Lights on. Jhanvi and Rudra come there.

Gauri sees Om and gets away. Rudra reacts seeing them. Jhanvi asks what’s happening. Rudra says Dostana is going on in Om’s life and sings Maa da laadla. Shwetlana shouts Chulbul. Rudra says Chulbul became Bulbul, mummy this is also a lifestyle, Om I m with you, we should accept this, I should have understood why Om is growing hair. Om asks will you just shut up.

Shwetlana asks Gauri why did you come here. Gauri says rats, I got scared and came running, I collided with him. Jhanvi asks how is this possibles, rats in Oberoi mansion, check Rudra. Shwetlana scolds Gauri and asks Om to think how can rats come here. Gauri says I m not lying, there were many rats. Shwetlana says you are scared of rats, being a man. Gauri says I m scared of rats, not tiger. Rudra says mice party is going on, they are eating laddoos, Chulbul tell me what were laddoos doing in your room, so you like sweets, don’t eat much, make body like me.

Gauri says no, I did not get laddoos. Shwetlana asks how did laddoos come, will rats get laddoo along. Rudra laughs. Shwetlana says I can’t take stress by a servant, we are hiring servant for comfort, I can’t stand this man. Om says will you just relax, he got scared, its not a big thing. She says fine, but the problem is there is no place for servant, that room has rats, it will be better we send him back. She says you can leave.

Om asks will you fire him from job for small thing. She says its not small thing, there is no place, will I keep him on head. He says I think you are finding excuses to fire him, if its about place, fine Chulbul will stay in my room. Rudra says I told you mummy Om got spoiled. Gauri asks how can I sta

Tej asks men to be careful and get the bed. Rudra asks what’s this. Tej says its gift for my so called wife. Om asks what do you mean. Tej says I made this bed for Jhanvi according to her taste, what’s there to be shocked, if my heart has no place for her, how can she stay in my bedroom, she can decide which room she has to take and where to keep this bed. Jhanvi holds her head and gets dizzy. Rudra holds her. Gauri thinks what’s happening. Om asks Chulbul to leave.

Tej says stop, what’s need to send this guy. Om says I don’t want drama to happen in front of staff members. Tej says why not, I want the world to know that Tej left bearing dead relations, now this useless woman ahs no place in my life. Om says you can’t humiliate my mum. Tej asks can you humiliate me. Shwetlana thinks its fun to see Oberoi family breaking, thanks Tej.

Om asks Tej to leave from house if he has problem with Jhanvi. Tej says this is my house, you are staying in my house. He asks Jhanvi why are you crying, did you not like bed, I can change it, don’t worry, you can stay here, my house is big.

Om goes and gets a hammer. He breaks the bed. They get shocked. Om says this house is also of my mum, she will stay here, you have no right to take decision for her, you did not do anything that I respect you, don’t force me to insult you. Tej says as if you left any chance. Om turns and sees Shwetlana. He says now I understand, you have problem with me, not Jhanvi, because your mistress left you for me, you are hurting Jhanvi to take revenge from me, I know very well how to hurt you, if you hurt my mum once, I will hurt you ten times, its just engagement announcement and look at you, what will happen when marriage happens, let me give you an example. He asks Jhanvi to give shagun bangles. Jhanvi gives her bangles. Om says after roka happens, bride becomes of groom’s family officially. He goes to Shwetlana. He holds her hand and says I m doing roka with Shwetlana right now. Tej gets angry. Gauri looks on.

Om asks Gauri to get medicine and apply on back. Gauri screams and turns away, asking how can I apply medicine. Om asks why not, come, apply the medicine.

y in his room.



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