Home TV Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 17 January 2019 Written Update

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 17 January 2019 Written Update

Star Plus Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 17th January 2019 Written Episode DTHHJ Written Update

Today’s (17.01.2019) Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji episode starts with Happy thinks of thanking Chintu ji. her cousins and friends tells her that Chintu has not saved you from Taya Ji’s wrath for your thank you, he must have hidden intentions, he wants more from you, she asks what, i am not some rich girl, her friend says there are there things that men want from girls. They say that he is Rocky’s elder brother, don’t you know Rocky is so famous in his college, he has over 18 girl friends, he is now dating Miss Punjab, he is a guy with open thoughts and Chintu is his elder brother, imagine now why he helped you, Happy tells them to stop and says not all people are same.

Chintu is upset with Rocky for shooting with gun in the wedding, he asls what if someone would have been hurt or complained to police, he tells him to give the gun, Rocky says his friend took it back, Chintu asks him why did you have to destroy Happy’s car, Rocky asks him why did he have to save that girl, Chintu says i knew you have done something wrong, their father comes and taunts Rocky over his irresponsible behaviour, Rocky back answers his father for always insulting him, he crosses limits, Chintu slaps him and stops him. Rocky gets angry as his brother has slapped him for the first time, Chintu goes behind him to stop, he tells Chintu to go and handle their father, Rocky’s friends come to check on him, Chintu tells them if they cannot do good for him, then don’t even spoil him. Rocky tells his friends that all of this has happened because of that girl, Happy, i want to see her cry and become helpless, i will make her life unhappy now. Rocky’s aunt comments about Rocky being so irresponsible and compares him with her son Amrit who works in wall Street. Beeji does not like her comments and taunts her back that at least our boys are seen, you son is gone and is not seen for so long. Rocky’s sister laugh on aunty, she says if you become like you brother, who will marry you. They say we are not meant to marry, we are studying, their father says you will marry some day, so why are you back answering your aunt,he yells at them and leaves. Happy come sin the same room with drinks, Beeji tells keep them on their head, Chintu goes to take drinks from Happy, she misunderstands his intentions as her friends had brainwashed her, she says dare this guy puts bis bad eyes on me.

It Mehndi ceremony, Happy rushes to go for function, she meets Rocky. Beeji praises Taya ji that your son in law is seems very nice, Rocky asks Happy why are you staring at me, he says get aside, he stares at him, he says yhou cannot control or what looking me, she says yes, i cannot control, i want to give you a tight slap, he says cheap girls like you want excuse to touch me, she says a guy who cannot talk to his father with respect, what can we expect from you, you have sold your respect and brought tons of attitude, she leaves, Rocky sayss, today i will teach you.


Taya ji gives Rs 50000 to Happy for some work, Rocky kidnaps her and puts her in car trunk. Happy’s mother worries for Happy as she is missing.


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