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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 1st Episode 15 January 2019 Written Update – Happy gets Rocky arrested

Star Plus Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 15 January 2019 Written Episode, DTHHJ First Episode

Today’s (15.01.2019) Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji first episode starts with Happy (Jasmin Bhasin) is looking forward to dance for her cousin sister Dinky’s sangeet function. She dances in a group with her sister but does not find happiness in choreographed song, she puts her sisters aside and dances wholeheartedly on the stage. Her Taya ji and Tai ji get embarrassed to see her dance like a boy. Happy falls down. Everyone laughs, she tries to cover up for her embarrassment by cracking jokes about punjabi weddings, everyone laughs with her. Her younger sister tells her to stop as Taya ji is upset.

Tayaji reprimands Happy for her behaviour and tells her that she has ruined his image while he spent hi whole life to collect Rs. 25 Lakhs for the wedding, he wanted his daughter wedding to be high profile weddings. He tells her that girls like you will remain unmarried. Happy’s mother listens to his comments silently as she and her daughters are dependent on Taya ji. He tells them that he would have sent them away from wedding and warns happy to be in her limits for rest of the wedding. Happy’s sister tells that if Tayaji had to comment all the time like this, why did he take our responsibility. Happy tries to cheer up her mother who gets sad with Tayaji’s comments.

Later, Happy takes her sister Dimky and other cousins for bachelorette party despite warning from her Tayaji. She drives her car carefully. On the way, Rocky (who happens to be Happy’s relative) and his friends drive their jeep very rashly and bang into her car. The side side mirror of her car gets broken. Happy and her sister worry about Tayaji’s wrath. They reach the hotel for part. Happy sees the cops have stopped Rocky for rash driving and are questioning him. She decides to teach him a lesson. She begins to tell about Rocky’s rash driving to the cops, but he tries to stop her from saying anything, they get into argument as he tells the cops not to believe a woman driver. This further upsets Happy and she tells the cop how her car met with accident because of Rocky. The cops arrest Rocky.


Rocky gets free from the cops and come back to destroy Happy’s car. Tayaji sees the car and yells at Happy. Rocky comes to the place and instigates things futher, he loses his cool over happy and points a gun at him.


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