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Dream Girl Latest: Lakshmi chooses Karan over Raj (Samar)

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In the current track of Lifeo) OK Dream Girl shows that Manav shows Samar his AV (promotion video) for his launch as the next Superstar of Navrang Studio.

Manav tells him that he could mention his girlfriends’ name as he is not aware of anything great that she could have done for him. Samar tells Manav that the girl he loves the most has taught him live life to the fullest. Manav insists him to reveal the name of the girl, but he tells him to wait for the right time as Samar too is awaiting for Lakshmi’s answer for his love proposal.

Meanwhile Ayesha thinks of her plan to ruin Samar’s hope of marrying Lakshmi and to stop Lakshmi from winning Dream Girl Contest.

Ayesha shows him Lakshmi’s AV (promotion video) and Samar is shocked to see that Lakshmi did not submit the AV created by him, but the one that is created by Karan.

Ayesha brainwashes him that Lakshmi cannot love a Raj Samosewala from a poor background as she dreams to be the next Dream Girl. She further instigates him that Lakshmi cannot link herself with Raj as it can spoil her image and that she is an opportunist. She adds that Lakhsmi doesnot love him, she will choose money over him and he should return back to Sareen house.

Karan takes Lakshmi to a big bungalow and tells her that if she says yes, then such lavish house could be her and together they can have a successful life like Manav and Ayesha. he tells her that even if she says no to his marriage proposal, the house will still belong to her.

Karan tells Lakshmi that they have the same dream and both of them can support each other to be successful.

Karan tells her that he will wait for her yes at the housewarming party of the same house while Samar too thinks to wait for Lakshmi’s answers despite of Ayesha’s efforts to poison his mind.

Samar (Raj) comes back to Lakshmi who his dancing with her ghungroos on the terrace as she thinks about whom to chose Raj or Karan. Her ghungroos fall apart and Karan asks her why did she not submit his video but Karan’s AV.

Raj blames her that she has changed herself for her dreams. Lakshmi tells him that two weak people cannot achieve success. She tells him that she has to achieve her dream at any cost as she not only has to fulfill her dream but also fulfill her father’s dream too.

Raj asks her if she is happy with her decision and asks her about importance of love in her life. Lakshmi says that being successful to her is more important now.

Raj (Samar) is heartbroken and tells her that today she chose Karan over a Raj Samosewala and neglected his feelinsg but tomorrow is Samar Sareen would propose her, then she would dump Karan to become successful.

Now, in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Lakshmi leaves for Karan’s party.

Ayesha calls Samar and tells him that everything is over as Karan proposed Lakshmi at the party and she has accepted his proposal by saying yes.

Well, the love triangle amid Karan, Lakshmi and Samar will get interesting when Lakshmi will find out that Raj Samosewala is none other than Samar Sareen!

Lakshmi has still now seen Raj’s (Samar) love and now she might have to face Samar’s hatred.

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Dream Girl!












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